#verysummeredit SPORTS LUXE

Sports luxe – a term bandied around by most fashionistas but one that’s ever so slightly baffling to a lot of us! Fear not, we think we’ve hit the nail on the head this time with an explanation that needs no further explanation – just think Sporty Spice raiding Victoria Beckham’s wardrobe!

Got it? Well here’s how to wear it – you’re going to need a good mix of block hues like greens, oranges and blues, along with clean white dresses and bold black shapes that will work perfectly with a laid-back pair of sneakers. We’re serious! Forget heels for the most part and pair your everyday frocks with colour-popping Nikes or the coolest kicks you can find.

Now, when it comes to cuts and silhouettes forget about playing the field. Instead, bring your A game by going back to basics in streamlined garms that aren’t over fussy. Heels aren’t a total no-no we might add! If you’re brave enough to head out in chic track pants and a racer vest (just like in our shoot!) then some barely there sandals will complete your look by adding a much needed touch of femininity.

Just in case you need even more reason to hold sports day in your wardobe, here’s some snaps from our latest Summer Fashion Campaign along with a little extra inspo…


Francine x

6th June 2014
Written by Very_Lauren

Posted by: Julia 26 March 2015

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