Do The Math – Ugly Sandal

Whether you call them chunky or sliders, the ugly sandal trend has taken over this summer. You can’t go two steps here at Very HQ without spying a pair of Birks or a slip of an iridescent flatform. Even the most retro of style, the adidas pool sliders, are getting some wear! I remember visiting South Korea years ago and being amazed at all the girls wearing these old school sportswear sandals, turns out they were way ahead of the curve! Point being, if you’re not already stomping about in a pair of ugly sandals, then what exactly are you doing?

The beauty of the ugly sandal trend is that you can make it match your style – so whether you’re girly, sporty, grungey or boho you can find a way to make ugly work for you. So, with a little bit of math and a touch of joie de vivre I’m here to show you how to make your look add up to fugly perfection.



For all those track stars and urban runners, there’s no better way to go, than to go sporty. Easy to wear, relaxed and simply oozing cool you can make any occasion a sports day with just the right sum. So, add one slouchy jumpsuit to one pair of chunky, modernist, ugly sandals and you’re all set to take gold.

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IMAGE_02[1]If you hair is nearly always in a beehive and you find it hard to not cat flick those eyes then embrace your retro chic and ugly it up a touch for a new season take on your go-to style. Simply add one collared dress to one pair of wedge mules and you’re a handbag away from Jane Birkin.

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Forever watching Empire Records and saving up for a pair of DMs? Why not take your grunge girl sensibilities and welcome the added attitude a pair of ugly sandals will give your looks? All you need to do is add one pair of flatforms to one floral swing dress to equal one first rate grunger.

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Love, Roanna x

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Ugly Sandal graphics by Svea Carney

3rd July 2014
Written by Very_Lauren