Holiday Hotlist – Your Suitcase Saviours

Us girls all know it’s a struggle to fit everything you want to bring on holiday into your (quite sizeable) suitcase. From that must have hair serum to the shampoo your locks won’t live without to the high heels that are probably never going to see the light of day on your far-flung jaunts – everything must come, you know… just in case!

With this in mind, we’ve set about looking at how we can help to make your suitcase smaller. With a few multitasking pieces (that we’re calling your Suitcase Saviours) it’s not actually as hard as it seems and you’ll be left with room for that extra pair of shoes/ bag/ belt – after all, accessories do maketh the look…

Suitcase Saviour Numero Uno (I’m feeling continental)

The Peasant Blouse

Bohemian beauty at its best, from its crinkly (therefore creaseproof) fabric to its folksy embroidery in vibrant hues, the peasant blouse was made for summer.



An easy breezy piece you can just slip on over your bikini for effortless cool. In an oversized style leave your shorts at home, the only accessories you’ll need are your straw beach bag, simple sandals and a spritz of SPF.


Pair your peasant blouse with denim cut-offs, tan leather sandals tousled hair and a sweep of bronzer to explore your new surroundings after dark.

Back Home

Wear this summertime staple with a pair of vintage wash denims and tan ankle boots for retro-inspired style

Suitcase Saviour Numero Due (I’m dreaming of Italy in two days!)

The Kimono

Fashions love for the kimono jacket has been simmering slowly over the past few seasons but this summer this eastern-inspired piece has really made its mark having been seen adorning the pages of our favourite fashion blogs and a spate of celebrities.




Lightweight and voluminous the kimono jacket is great to slip on over your itsy bitsy bikini for a bit more coverage while you enjoy lunch and a crisp glass of wine at a beachside chiringuito.


When its time to watch the sun set pair your kimono with an LBD or a chic cami and cut off denim shorts to sip exotic cocktails and dance the night away.

Back Home

When skies are inevitably greyer you may want to tone it down a bit so wear this lightweight cover up over a rock-inspired T-shirts and jeans for a hippie-chic look.

Multitasking Suitcase Saviour Numéro Trois (Ok yeah, you get it…)

The white shirt

Probably already residing in your day-to-day wardrobe, this stylish staple works just as well in sultry summer paradise as it does at your day job – just make sure you take it up a size or two! You needn’t look any further than ’90s supermodels and Olivia Palermo to see this is an effortlessly cool beach cover up with a subtly sexy borrowed-from-my-boyfriend vibe.

chic white shirtDay

Wear a crisp white shirt over a chic, neutral toned bikini, throw on an oversized floppy hat and grab a straw beach bag for jet-setter style.


When the sun goes down pull your look together with a leather belt. Add a sturdy sandal, tousled beach hair, a sweep of bronzer and a slick of gloss for undone after-hours perfection.

Back Home

Wear your oversized white shirt with cropped trousers or sleek skinny jeans to balance its voluminous silhouette. During the day pair with espadrilles for European chic and after dark lift the look with two part sandals.

So that is your three key pieces, we hope we’ve lightened up your suitcase a bit so you can throw in a few extra heels and accessories! x

21st July 2014
Written by Very_Lauren