Introducing Very’s Seeing Red Trend

I have to admit, I really love red in the home. There’s something so elegant and glamorous about it, and it can be made to work whether your rooms are enviably spacious or teeny tiny. The rest of Very HQ seems to agree with me, as they’ve launched the Seeing Red home trend – a rich selection of rouge that’ll let you have your red letter day!

If you’re starting from a neutral or white base, then red’s a doddle to work in. Start by going for a really bold statement item such as curtains. They’ll frame your window, making it a stand-out feature and they’ll draw the eye as people enter the room.

Seeing Red 2

Next comes my favourite bit – spreading the colour through the space. Vases are one of the best ways to do this. You can create beautiful displays and focal points with different shapes, sizes and textures, and it’ll give you somewhere to put those flowers when he buys you them! Try mixing and matching an oversized red glass vase with a curved ribbed vase and a tube vase for an eye-catching display. You can even create more levels with the addition of a decorative bowl. Remember you can mix this up with other colours such as gold or white as well. My own pick is the Olivia table lamp which looks great even when it’s off!

Seeing Red 3

Now to tie in your sofa or bed, and you’ll be glad to know you don’t need to go out and buy a new one (although if you want to buy a red sofa then by all means do – let me know how it looks!). Cushions are a fab way to update your room’s look and, if you stay on theme with your colour, you can mix and match different styles. The Tokyo jacquard cushion matches the curtains I mentioned and you could mix this with a textured floral design and perhaps a plain dye hopsack style.

Our dedicated Seeing Red hub has loads of other options for ways to deck out your room in scarlet, just head on over and take your pick!

Love Sarah x

PS. I blog about my favourite books over at Sarah’s Adventures in Literature Land if you fancy it!

5th July 2014
Written by Very_Lauren