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With La Bella by Samantha Faiers landing on, we caught up with the lovely lady herself to talk about becoming an auntie…

When it comes to summer, Sam Faiers has a packed diary and she’ll be travelling all over the place for both business and pleasure. And while that sounds pretty fun to us, it pales in comparison to the most exciting event in Sam’s summer calendar – becoming an auntie for the first time when her sister Billie gives birth to her daughter!

La Bella Event

“I am SO excited!” Sam told us in an exclusive interview. “Billie’s about to drop any day soon! It’s just a waiting game now, she’s due in a couple of weeks but obviously it could happen any time. We literally just can’t wait to see what she looks like now! We all went to view the 4D scan but you can’t really tell. That day, the baby had her hand over her face and you could only see half of her face. So now we’re just dying to see what she looks like!”

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16th July 2014
Written by Very_Lauren