Wedding Favours For Your Big Day

So you’re super busy planning your big day – the date has been set, the invitations sent out and you’re busy trying to find THE dress.

It may seem minor, but wedding favours are a really quick and simple way (not to mention cute) to thank your friends and family for sharing your special day – don’t forget, some of them may have travelled miles just to see you!

So how do you pick the right wedding favours for your big day?

Well let’s start with what to put them in…boxes or bags? Boxes are more sturdy and come in a range of shapes and gorgeous little cut-outs, but bags are dainty and can be extra special. My friend used beads and sequins to give her wedding favours a little extra sparkle and everyone loved them!


Onto bags next for those who maybe want to have a little more of their own creative spin on their wedding favours.


So what can you put in your wedding favours? Well from personalised sweets and chocolates to mini candles and perfumes you can pretty much do whatever you want, but how about some bubbly with that…by bubbly I mean bubbles…well everyone likes to have a little fun while they’re waiting for you to arrive at the top table.


Now the rest is up to you, but hopefully this has crossed one thing off your busy list.

Shop our wedding favours here and good luck for the big day!

Love Laura x


14th July 2014
Written by Laura_Loves