What’s Your Summer Blockbuster Style?

The sun’s out, the weather’s actually hot, and the smell of BBQ is in the air. We all know what that means… Yep, that’s right, it’s time to lock ourselves in a dark room with a bunch of other people and stare at a screen! We’re at the height of summer blockbuster season and there are some fab films on their way.

Chances are, unless you’re a bit of a film buff, you’re not going to go see all of them (there’s BBQs, festivals and beer gardens to frequent after all!) so which one’s the one for you? Luckily, I’ve put together a handy guide so you can work out where to invest your popcorn budget.

Guardians of the Galaxy film
If you’re a sci-fi fan you should totally head for Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy (in cinemas 31 July). It’s the start of what will likely be the next big film franchise for Marvel and if you loved The Avengers and all of its off-shoots then you’re probably going to go mad for this. The rather lovely Chris Pratt of Parks and Recreation plays Peter Quill, who becomes the object of a manhunt after he steals a mysterious orb. The handsome rogue is forced into an alliance with a band of misfits in order to evade his would-be captors, before realising that the the fate of the entire universe is in his hands… Expect awesome special effects, lots of off-beat humour and Bradley Cooper playing an intergalactic raccoon. Seriously.

The Expendables 3If action’s your thing then it’s got to be The Expendables 3 (in cinemas 4 August). Sylvester Stallone’s franchise about a gang of mercenaries made up of some of cinema’s biggest and best action heroes is in its third installment and it promises to be just as bonkers as the previous two. This time they come up against ruthless arms dealer, Conrad Stonebanks (Mel Gibson), who wants to destroy the group, forcing Stone’s Barney Ross to recruit a new generation of younger Expendables. You can expect explosions, fights, cheesy lines and a lot of muscle. Oh, and Jason Statham. Let’s never forget Jason Statham.

Sin city 2
If you love graphic novels and film noir then you should definitely make Sin City 2: A Dame to Kill For your pick (it’s in cinemas 25th August). It’s the long awaited follow-up to Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller’s  Sin City and, from the promo materials, it’s looking just as stylish and sexy. Like its predecessor, it’s made up of a series of shorter narratives, each dealing with different characters and stories within the same city. Expect the stories to intermingle throughout the running time and see if you can spot all of the famous faces!

Sex TapeIf all of the above sounds a bit action-heavy and you feel more like a comedy, then you should check out Sex Tape when it hits cinemas on 3 September. I have to admit, I’m a massive fan of Cameron Diaz and Jason Segal, so I’m hoping for good things from this. They play a couple who attempt to spice things up by making a sex tape. But when it leaks, they have to race to get it back, exposing even more than they bargained for in the process. Expect rude jokes, big belly laughs and quite a lot of nudity.

So hopefully you’ve now decided on your blockbuster of choice so there’s just one thing left to ask: salted or sweet?

Love Sarah x

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27th July 2014
Written by Very_Lauren