Who’s your summer movie siren?

On a smouldering hot night you need an equally smouldering film, and while it’s good to kick back with the latest big blockbuster, there’s nothing better than picking out a retro hot weather flick with divas, amazing outfits and plenty of drama.  All you need to do is pick your favourite and then choose your summer style weapon to match!


Rear Window was full of Grace Kelly’s classically immaculate and perfectly put together ensembles – the film is about a housebound photographer with a broken leg who through boredom becomes voyeur to the apartment building facing his rear window during a hot steamy summer. Soon, he draws his visiting girlfriend (Grace Kelly) in on the antics and eventually they witness a murder in progress that gets them into trouble.  Grace plays a model and dress designer, and her wardrobe was completely jaw-dropping with costumes designed by Edith Head including the famous suit – a midi length jacket with a white silk halter neck and 50’s pencil skirt, all very chic dah-ling and you can recreate the look with this midi pencil skirt from Love Label – wear with a fitted white top, some killer accessories and some red lippy for extra polish!



Audrey Hepburn has got to be up there as one of the world’s best loved style icons – not only was she absolutely beautiful to look at with her pixie face and gamine figure, she was also very modest with it – no diva tantrums and outlandish demands from this leading lady! Roman Holiday is the film that made Audrey a star, in a nutshell it’s all about a princess who becomes bored with her official schedule and does a runner, pretends to be someone else for a day, and falls in love in a roguish reporter who pretends he doesn’t know who she is (just your average day really).  Obviously with the setting being in Rome, it  couldn’t look anything less than amazing and Edith Head came up trumps once again with the styling, with some super-cute outfits including possibly the best outing of a circle skirt in film history.  We just happen to have some Audrey H inspired midis ready to shop, perfect for a summer adventure. You can be inspired with some more skirt action in our This Week in Fashion (TWIF) edit, including the 50’s Midi, so head on over!



When it comes to big screen impact, nobody does it better than Liz Taylor – and her portrayal of Maggie the Cat in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof was probably about as smouldering as it gets.  This screen adaptation of the Tennessee Williams play was fraught with family secrets, lies, jealousy, booze, a sweltering summer night and of course, Liz Taylor’s wardrobe.  Her costumes were created by Helen Rose who was a good friend of Lizzies (damn these ladies were talented!), and she really brought to life the femininity and seduction of the role.  There were only a few costume changes in the film, but the white slip gained iconic status – and let’s face it, Liz Tayor would have looked good in a bin bag so no wonder it’s stuck in people’s memory!  If you’re feeling the feisty vibe but aren’t quite ready to stroll about in your slip then try this fitted 2 in 1 dress for a similar effect – just don’t forget to bouff that hair and look sultry!



When it comes to an iconic outfit, you won’t find one that’s made the headlines more than Marilyn Monroe’s billowing white dress for the Seven Year Itch – actually, that film is full of outfits that makes me jealous.  It’s set in New York during a heatwave and it’s basically about Marilyn disrupting the life of a hapless husband who’s been left in the city while his wife and kid cool off in the country.  Marilyn provides the temptation with figure hugging sun dresses and the best one-liners (“Hey, did you ever try dunking a potato chip in champagne? It’s real crazy!”) and it’s got to be my favourite retro summer watch.  If you’re up for a MM moment this skater dress has got just the right amount of flirty flippy-ness, all you need to do is find a subway grate and a suitably respectful gent to impress!



For a blissful evening’s entertainment I highly recommend getting your hands on all four movies, turning the air con way up, turning off your phone and bedding down for a style marathon this summer – which leaves us with one final quote from Mazza …

“When it gets hot like this, you know what I do? I keep my undies in the icebox!” – top tip!

Happy watching x

Huge thanks to Sasha L King for the graphic design.

6th July 2014
Written by Very_Lisa