Wireless Festival Backstage Gossip

London’s Finsbury Park was like a mini version of Coachella  at the weekend as The Wireless Festival took over the capital. Just like Coachella, there were celebs everywhere you stumbled, a top line-up of bands and the weather wasn’t too bad either.

So what was the gossip and what did everyone wear? Because there are a lot of stars to get through, let me divide it into stages.

Rita Ora


Rita duetted with Australian singer Iggy Azalea (pictured above with Rita) but it was Rita who took centre stage in her bright orange and white co-ordinated suit. Now she’s a single woman, she had boys propose to her in the crowd. I don’t think any were her type.

Ellie Goulding


I loved Ellie’s new sports luxe style. She’s turned into a true gym bunny doing classes at bootcamp, running and doing exercise videos and it’s paid off. She has men lusting after her everywhere and with those abs I’m not surprised.

Little Mix


It’s not an ideal time for Little Mix as they’ve cancelled their US tour. So when they arrived at Wireless without Perrie Edwards it was a bit suspicious. Have they had a row? They’re looking good in their dresses and shorts with huge smiles, but are they hiding something?

The Saturdays


The girl group had an embarrassing experience as they were mistaken for Little Mix and some festival goers shouted ‘Little Mix’ to them. They’ve got a more mature style than Little Mix. I love their pastel colours.

Cara Delevigne


Cara looked a lot smarter than usual in jeans and a black top. We’re used to seeing her in ripped jeans and old t-shirts. Maybe she was trying to impress someone?

Jourdan Dunn


Talking of impressive, model Jourdan Dunn must have an enviable metabolism. The Victoria’s Secret model was seen tucking into sticky ribs. I wish I knew her secret! I like the way she wore an over-sized t-shirt as a dress.

And finally…Kanye West


Kanye West got booed by the crowds. All was going well at the start as he appeared on stage in a chain metal mask covering his face and showed off his true talent  -music. But then his ego got in the way as he had a 5 minute rant mid-set about his portrayal in the media. He was whining and moaning until the crowd told him to shut up and get on with the music. Ouch!

7th July 2014
Written by Zoe Griffin