Get Baking!

It’s that time of year again, when we all become obsessed with baking. Yep, The Great British Bake Off is back on our screens and suddenly cakes, bread and souffles are all we can think about, and we have an overwhelming desire to deck our homes with bunting!

Anyone in Very HQ will tell you that I’m a bit crazy about cooking and baking (Roanna in particular falls victim to emailed links to recipes from me several times a week) and I love a good kitchen gadget, which means I was thrilled to discover Very was putting together its own baking-centric page! It puts together the best gizmos for you in one place (as well as some top tips and recipes) to help you out whether you’re a family baker or an absolute expert.

So to whet your appetite (as if you need it!) I’ve pulled together some of my favourite bits to share with you here.

Family Baking

I expect a lot of you are like me and fall into the category of family baking. Whether you have kids and bake with them, or you enjoy making a cake with your other half, baking is a fun pastime that results in something yummy to eat!

But it doesn’t have to just be cakes. With the Breville Pick & Mix collection of blenders and food processors you can also produce pizza dough, soups and healthy drinks to get your family more involved in mealtimes, and you can even blend milkshakes and crush ice to make slushies for a fun treat. The cute colours of the range give it a retro twist that looks great with our vintage-style mixing bowls that come in pink and cream, and you can team it with utensils and accessories from our Cake Boss range to give a professional finish.

Expert Baking

If you’re the kind of baker who gets requests from friends and family to make cakes for special occasions because they know you’ll wow everyone, then you’re almost certainly an expert baker (and the object of my cake envy).

You probably do things like bake your own bread and finish crème brûlée properly with a chef’s torch instead of under the grill, so you’re going to want to invest in professional machines for your kitchen. Step in Kenwood with their Chef Premier food mixer, which helps you knead dough and mix ingredients well and fast – as well as looking like the icon that it is! There’s also their Multipro Classic food processor, which comes with a mixer bowl and a blender jug, enabling you to make everything from smoothies to desserts. Combine these with your own awesome skills and you’ll be heading towards the Bake Off final yourself soon!

So hop on over to our fab Get Baking page for all the inspiration you need for some amazing cakes – just remember to send some over to Very HQ once you’re done!

Love Sarah x

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29th August 2014
Written by Very_Lauren