Keep up your fitness regime with Reebok

Here at Very HQ we’ve been slaving our guts off for that Summer Beach Body with numerous gym routines, spin classes and every salad choice you could imagine. Now we’re finally in shape, we know it’s time to maintain that body and freshen up our gym wardrobe to look the best we can.

Reebok is the latest sportswear collection to arrive at Very that oozes style, fresh colours and contouring shape technology to provide the best support and highlight our favourite womanly assets. Who doesn’t want to show of that body we’ve worked for?!

The inspiring role model, Una Foden from The Saturday’s is Reebok’s brand ambassador, portraying a real true life inspiration to the female nation, showing how amazing you can look in the New Autumn Winter ’14 Collection from Reebok.

We got the chance to have a catch up with Una on her fitness regime and ask for some advice on how to maintain our healthy lifestyle.

So Una, tell us what really motivates you to keep fit?

It is definitely part of our job to keep on top of our fitness levels and to ensure we are at our best while out on stage performing, we also have a lot of photoshoots and I like to feel body confident. It’s all about having a focus and a goal.

If you don’t feel like working out, how do you motivate yourself to do it?

I really enjoy taking long walks with my daughter Aoife Belle, so I am often seen power walking pushing the pram – I see this as more of an enjoyable refreshing way to get some exercise in.

What’s your favourite way to work out?

I love to swim and play golf when I can. Also walking, dancing, floor exercises and squats are part of my daily routine.

Your ‘Greatest Hits Live’ 2014 Tour starts in September. Is it important to you to be in the best shape ahead of your tours?

It is very important to be in top fitness ahead of our tours as none of us want to get ill. Nutrition is also a very important part of this. I always eat a really healthy and balanced diet and take additional vitamin supplements as part of my pre tour regime.

Can you tell us what you do when you have time for a proper workout…

It’s hard to find time to go to the gym regularly but when I do I have the following fitness plan in the gym:

  • 10 mins warm up on the treadmill brisk walking.
  • 10 mins on the cross-trainer.
  • 10 mins on the bike
  • 10 mins rowing machine
  • 10 mins floor exercises for abs
  • 10 mins stretching/squats warm down

I also love step aerobics classes or spinning. They are so much fun and motivational as they are part of a group.

As we know it’s difficult to find the time, what would you do if you just had 20 mins…

Either a brisk walk or squats and floor exercise – my key exercises!

As Reebok’s Brand Ambassador, what is it about Reebok that appeals to you?

It has such a high reputation worldwide for as long as I can remember. It is also associated with some major international sports personalities and events.

Which are your favourite pieces?

I love them all. They are so stylish and yet so comfortable and have amazing colours and vibrancy.

So there you have it Ladies – the top tips from Una Foden of how to keep up your fitness regime.

Oh and one last thing, are now pleased to launch the new Fitness Pant Selector meaning you can easily shop all the various shapes, styles and fits of pants available from Reebok, finding you the perfect fit!

So what are you waiting for? Get shopping and freshening up your gym kit to keep motivated! x

16th August 2014
Written by Very_Lauren