Best Friends Forever

I know it’s hard to believe, mostly because of the never-ending reruns, but it’s been 20 years since Friends first hit our TV screens. Back then Saturday Night was number one, PJ and Duncan were just getting ready to rumble and the term ‘we were on a break’ had yet to cause arguments the world over. Two decades on, the series still feels like a wonderfully warm hug after a stressful day – largely because you know the entire script, laugh before the punch lines and feel as if these guys are actually part of your social group.

It’s also still a great place to pick up style tips. You may scoff at the notion of donning a Chandler vest or overdosing on denim, but we can still enjoy some fashion wisdom from our favourite New Yorkers…




Hands up who walked into the hairdressers and requested a Rachel? It was the only look to rock in the 90s and Ms Greene is still working her trendsetter ways right here in the present day. Check out her tartan skinnies in ‘The One With Fake Monica’. Granted, the jumper around the waist may not have stood the test of time, but we’re loving her statement tee and scruffy white pumps.

Oh Ross… in between swooning over Rachel and trying to make owning a monkey not-weird, you managed to squeeze in quite a few fashionable moments. A personal favourite has to be the leather trousers. Ok, it may not have worked out so well in the end, but with plenty of leather popping up this season you best get your talc at the ready.

Monica and Chandler

Chandler is easily the smartest dresser, playing it safe in a selection of ill-fitting suits and even worse fitting bowling shirts. However when he does deviate from his mammoth collection of patterned waistcoats and funky ties, he really goes for it, showing everyone that we should step out of their comfort zone now and then. Whether it’s a beaded necklace, a slick of blue lipstick or even an all out Miami Vice ensemble, everyone should embrace their inner Chandler once in a while.

Monica runs a tight ship and most of her clothes come from the play-it-safe wardrobe category, but who could forget those beautiful boots she wore in The One With Monica’s Boots? And yes, the boots were the main focus for the whole episode and they totally stole the show. Although they almost made her feet cry actual tears, they were too gorgeous not to love. My only regret is that she didn’t purchase them in tan – they were half price Monica!!

Joey and Pheobe

Phoebe is clearly the wild card, both in character and dress. Seriously, the woman once wore a fluffy orange coat and nobody even made a joke out of it – which shows just how numb her fellow Friends characters were to her wacky style. She also sported a not-so-wacky, very wonderful fur coat in The One With The Yeti, despite the moral dilemmas it caused (NB pretty sure the title isn’t referring to Pheebs). Thankfully there’s so much beautiful faux fur going on right now that you can rock her look without getting harassed every time you drop by Central Perk.

As a famous-ish actor you would think that our favourite TV soap star would have a lot more to offer in the wardrobe department, but Mr Tribiani relied on a classic selection of checked shirts, V-neck jumpers and slightly-too tight trousers to woo the ladies. One thing he certainty did teach us though – the power of layers. He donned Chandler’s entire wardrobe in The One Where No One’s Ready and you can’t tell me that look didn’t cause a stir. NB Joey was also rocking a selfie before all the cool kids were doing it, just check out The One With Ross’s Wedding.

Love Aimee x

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22nd September 2014
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