GQ Man Of The Year Awards: The Top 10 Outfits

By it’s title the GQ Man Of The Year Awards suggests it’s a male heavy event but this year there were just as many A’list ladies. In fact, I’d even say the women upstaged the men as they were creative in some fabulous outfits while the men all wore black tie (yawn!)

There were so many gorgeous girls at the event that I’ve been able to do a top 10 roundup rather than just a Top 5. See what you think to the outfits below!

(1) Kim Kardashian West


Kim showed off her curves in a dress that looks like it’s more suited to the bedroom with it’s lingerie style body suit but there’s no doubt this dress caused everyone to look twice. On stage, collecting an award for Woman of The Year she made it clear that she was devoted to Kanye, making sure everyone knew her name was Kim Kardashian West and not just Kim Kardashian. Cute!

(2) and (3) Rita Ora


Rita was the only star to wear two outfits – a dress for dinner and a jumpsuit to party in! I’d do the same if I had someone to look after my luggage for me.

(4) Cara Delevigne


Cara’s black dress was pretty but it was the formal coat that stole the show on the red carpet. I bet she wished there was air conditioning so she could wear it all night!

(5) Jessie J


Th gorgeous shade of Jessie’s green dress contrasted nicely with her striking dark hair, dont you think?

(6) Daisy Lowe



Daisy dressed to theme with a tweed jumpsuit that looks like a man’s suit. She had a lot of sticky tape to ensure the straps remained in place!

(7) Nicole Scherzinger


Nicole was so loved up with her boyfriend Nicole Scherzinger that I can’t help wondering if the next white dress she wears will be her wedding dress!

(8) Ellie Goulding 


Ellie Goulding and her McFly singer boyfriend Dougie Poynter barely left each other’s side all night. I don’t blame Dougie though – Ellie looked very pretty in her white dress.

(9) Pippa Middleton


She looks very sophisticated but maybe too prim? I wish she’d done something more with her hair as well – what do you think?

(10) Lindsay Lohan


Sequins, stripes and scary lace up shoes – anyone would think Lindsay Lohan wanted attention. La Lohan is back and she intends to make everyone realise.

Who do you think looked the best?

Love Zoex

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3rd September 2014
Written by Zoe Griffin

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