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From hearing stories about my Mum sitting in a bath of lukewarm water in her jeans to people staining their furniture, it got me thinking…what it the best way to wash your denims?

Well after a lot of research, seriously there’s loads of tips and tricks floating about the Internet, the truthful answer is that there’s actually no single right answer, it just depends on what look you’re going for.

However, my favourite tips for washing your denim are as followed:

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1.  Don’t over wash

Yep, that’s right. The trick is to not wash them after each couple of wears. Denim is robust and designed to be battered. If, like me you love RAW denim then you shouldn’t even be thinking about washing your jeans until around the 6 month mark (I can hear gasps, but it’s true)!

RAW denim starts off incredibly dark and by washing rarely (people usually recommend once in six months, then after three months followed by once a month thereafter) you can create your own unique worn look.

2.  Wash new denim first

This is getting more and more important with the rise of rich, indigo denims. I know what you’re like – you get your new denims from Very and can’t wait to try them on and wear them! However, once you know they fit the trick is to turn them inside out and wash them on their own.

The rich dyes are certain to run and can stain your legs as well as anything you sit on! By washing them on their own you protect your clothes and stop the dye running in future.

3.  Don’t use powder

This is only true for the first wash. Just wash them on a low setting, inside out with good old water and nothing else. You don’t need to try and soften them and they’re not dirty so you don’t need to use powder or liquid. Remember, the very first wash (unless you’re washing your 6 month old RAW denims) is simply to let the colour run.

4.  Dry in the shade

OK I’m guilty of it myself – denim is notorious for taking an age to dry and sometimes the radiator looks like the best option until your denim is like cardboard and you can no longer wriggle into them.

Instead try hanging them in the shade with a breeze – washing lines are fine, the only problem being if it’s a sunny day – you can also bring them inside and leave them just by the back door so they get a through draft. It’s a long, arduous process to dry them, but well worth it when they’ve dried and you can actually wear them!

So, if like my Mum, you fancy sitting in the bath for an hour brushing your denims to get your desired worn look as well as a skinny fit then go ahead. However, with our range of skinnies, super skinnies and loads of denim washes I think just following these steps will give you the look you’re after much quicker and will ensure your denims last for longer!


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28th September 2014
Written by Laura_Loves