Introducing Very’s Winter Trend: Bohemian Dream

I have to confess to being seriously excited about Very’s winter home trends for 2014. They’re some of the most stunning I’ve seen since I’ve been at Very HQ and that’s saying something! Over the next week I’m going to be taking you through them one by one, but today it’s all about Bohemian Dream.

I love a bit of theatricality in the home and Bohemian Dream is all about that -layering colours, textures and patterns for a carefree, exotic look. It’s a fab break from traditional wintery colours and fabrics too. Picture Scandi-inspired mid-century retro sofas and armchairs, piled high with contrasting cushions, teamed with metallic tables, abstract wall art and vibrant rugs. Clashing is encouraged, the more eccentric the better!

Bohemian Dream 1

Some of my top picks from the trend, furniture-wise, are the Opal and Cindy armchairs as they really let you play with colour and texture, while keeping that vintage boho vibe. Contrast them with the show-stopping glamour of Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen’s Scaramouche coffee table and nest of tables, and warm things up with the Rachel chest of drawers – a great storage solution! The great thing about bohemian style is that you can dress it up pretty much any way you want as long as you keep it vibrant (our picks are reds, blues and purples) and fun. I love these textured ribbon cushions and this gorgeous Graham & Brown wall art – and I’m a firm believer that you can never have too many vintage-style mirrors or bobbled gold picture frames.

Bohemian Dream 2

If I had to pick one item that screams Bohemian Dream to me, it would be the Bianco sofa, especially in this beautiful green. Everything, from the Scandi legs to the retro detail, just works so well with this trend. Team it with a selection of cushions in different prints and fabrics, and make sure it contrasts sharply with a cool animal print rug. You can even tie in your coffee things, with coffee makers, cups and trays all oozing that boho vibe – great for when your friends come round to admire your newly decorated home! For the finishing touch, simply add some pretty vases and accessories – or whatever you’ve collected over the years – for an eclectic, curated look that’s personal to you.

Remember, you can find out more about Bohemian Dream – and shop the trend – at our dedicated hub.

Love Sarah x

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19th September 2014
Written by Very_Lauren