My Denim Icons

Is there any fabric more iconic then denim? From cowboys to rock stars and everybody inbetween this hard working fabric has been a go-to choice for decades. What Jacob Davis and Levi Strauss did  back in 1873 is more than just create a piece of clothing, they sparked a whole cultural movement. Ever since the Greasers latched onto the edgy appeal of denim, hundreds of sub-cultures and cliques have gone on to reinvent the fabric to reflect their own personal mantra.

These days, the world is your denim factory. By simply choosing what style jean you put on in the morning you can become a whole new you and create a whole new story. Fashion girls are rule breakers so don’t shy away from extreme styles, retro flashbacks or super skinny numbers – denim is a forgiving, flattering fabric so take some risks and play it dangerously.

As we hit Autumn Winter it’s the perfect time to explore the different characters denim can give you – are you a classic denim girl like Farrah Fawcett or will you be adding fashion cred to your jeans like Sarah Jessica Parker? Read on, get inspired and get into some jeans.




The flare is back with a vengeance (think more sleek flare than baggy bell bottom) and classic denim girls should be ready to embrace their bottom-balancing, leg-lengthening powers. Adding instant hutzpah to a look, classic denim must be blue, free of embellishment and high-rise. Like Farrah you can create an iconic look with basic separates thanks to the modest appeal of classic denim – it’s understated attitude shows true confidence.



Was there ever a man who wore jeans better than James Dean? By the way, the answer is no. If you choose to act androgynous this season then there is no better role model for your boyfriend jeans than Mr Dean himself. This season’s boyfriend styles are a little more tapered – adding merciful shape and a sleek outline to your looks. Don’t be a rebel without a style and make sure you pair your baggies with tailoring, print or leather to avoid looking too undone.



There are three things Miss SJP does very well 1) Play Carrie Bradshaw 2) Have cute kids 3) Dress off duty denim. Sarah is rarely seen out of jeans on the school run or while  enjoying her generally fabulous life in Manhattan, but you’ll notice she isn’t a ‘casual dresser’. She doesn’t take the L.A. approach of say Cameron Diaz or Jennifer Aniston, no, SJP takes denim and gives it fashion edge. Follow her lead with bullish finishes, wide turn ups and dramatic footwear.


Scarlett Johannson

Oh Scarlett. You first stole our hearts in Lost In Translation and ever since we have been Lost In Awe at your jean wearing prowess. How do you manage to make denim look so damn sexy? Yes, I’ll admit she has the hips, the bum, the waist and the come-hither eyes – but it’s more than that, it’s something about the way of wearing. Ms Johannson never lets the jeans wear her, she never looks as if jeans were her only option and she couldn’t be bothered to put on tights. When Scarlett Johannson is wearing jeans, she is wearing jeans. Pairing them with classic separates and understated shoes, she lets high quality denim become the focus of her look – it’s that confidence that’s key to sultry denim.

Love, Roanna x

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11th September 2014
Written by Very_Lauren

Posted by: Julia 26 March 2015

Thank you Caro, Gudrun and Di for your compliments!What comes to the ptrtean, I had none. I took the real short way: only some measuring and then I went straight to cutting fabric… But since it’s real simple and a bit asymmetric – and the buttons are forgiving – you can do it without a ptrtean too!