The NYFW fashion five


So it’s an exciting time for fashion fanatics everywhere as the Big Apple kicks off the first fashion week – we’re talking stellar celebs on the FROW, supermodels galore, the most uh-mazing outfits on and off the catwalk, and of course a whole new collection of trends to look forward too – bliss!  So before we all settle down to enjoy the style circus, I’m going to take a look at five NY fashion influencers past and present (in no particular pecking order) who have made their mark on the city that never sleeps.

Number one has to be Annie Hall (Diane Keaton) with the Mannish Suit – this iconic look keeps coming back time and time again, whether it’s a boyfriend blazer, wide legged trouser or crisp shirt, fashion will never fall out of love with this girl-meets-boy style fiesta (watch the film and be amazed!) Fan girl fact  – Diane Keaton shunned the stylist and wore her own clothes for the movie, and the rest is style history.

In at number two is Nicki Minaj – bringing her own inimitable style to the FROW, this native New Yorker knows how to work the paps and get maximum coverage when she graces NYFW with her presence.  Sometimes the simplest things can make all the difference, and this arm load of bling definitely grabs the attention.

At number three we have Diane Kruger – now much as I admire her style, the real star of the show here is the Phillip Lim I Heart Nueve York tee.  An icon in it’s own right, the new york tee or variations of it have been worn by many an A-lister including John Lennon, Emma Watson, Nicky Hilton, Jourdin Sparks – it’s a little bit ironic yes, and you should never wear with mom jeans and converse, but we love it! We don’t have the original NY tee, but we do have a selection of logo tees you can weave into your look.

Bianca Jagger is our fourth inspiration – ever since she rode into her 30th Birthday party at Studio 54 on a white horse, she’s become part of the style fabric that makes New York a place like no other.  Studio 54 was party central for the NY elite in the late 70s and its reputation for disco debauchery is the stuff of legend. This moment in fashion history is possibly the best entrance ever made to a party, and launched a thousand copy-cats.  The off-shoulder dress is always quietly alluring, and  we’ve got a few similar knock-out frocks for you to take to the fashion week party.

And saving the most influential woman in fashion EVER til last, it’s 80’s era Madonna with the ripped jeans – Madge owned NYC in the eighties when she exploded onto the underground dance scene.  With a look entirely her own she influenced many a teen through the eighties and nineties  (hands up who’s gone through a crucifix and lace glove phase) and the ripped jean is still very much on the map today.

Hopefully this little lot has got you in a New York state of mind – fashion week, we’re ready for you!


Huge thanks to Hayley Oldfield and Caroline Roberts for the graphic design.


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3rd September 2014
Written by Very_Lisa