Have a Very haunting Halloween!

At long last, it’s time to unleash your inner ghoul on the nation and scare up some fun come fright night! Halloween is easily one of our favourite nights of the year and we love nothing more than going all out with the fancy dress… some might say it’s going overboard, we feel we’re just embracing the season of scares. However here at Very HQ, we realise a full frightening ensemble isn’t for everyone. Fear not though fellow trick or treaters, because we’ve got plenty of outfits and costumes to suit all needs.

Gemma and I  have rounded up the freakiest fancy dress outfits for grown-up ghouls, creepy kids and tiny terrors – whether you’re looking for a hint of Halloween or an outfit sure to give your neighbours nightmares!

Ghastly Grown-Ups


If you’re looking to get into the spirit of the season without causing any blood-curdling screams, this cute pumpkin outfit is ideal. It’s more treat than trick and comes with a cute green headband to complete the look.

There’s also this brilliant skeleton all-in-one that is sure to tickle some funny bones come fright night. It’s extra comfy too, so you can shake your hips and rattle your bones till the sun comes up.

Phantom factor: 3/10


Go gorgeously goth with these great looks. Taking tip from the ever-so-stylish Morticia Addams, you can look ultra-glam and still send shivers down some spines. The outfit has sheer spider web sleeves and Morticia’s classic black dress – all you need to add is lashing of eyeliner and a seductive smile and you’re all set for a creepy, kooky, mysterious and spooky night of fun!

This ghoulish Gomez costume is the perfect way to entertain your guests for a haunting Halloween. Just remember to start growing his signature tash a few weeks in advance. You may also want to practice your Gomez grin to ensure you really look the part.

Scare-o-meter: 6/10


With this horrifying Chucky outfit you’re sure to scare up plenty of screams, complete with a half mask and a wild red wig to ensure you can really recreate the psychotic doll’s style – but be warned, dressed like this, there’s a high chance you won’t be invited to many parties for fear of scaring away the other ghoulish guests.

Create a tea party that’s sure to terrify with this wicked costume. It comes with a blood stained shirt too, just in case the frightening mask and wild hair doesn’t already send fellow trick or treaters running for cover.

Freaky factor: 10/10

 Creepy Kids


Little mischievous devils can really get into the scary spirit with this robe costume. Perfect for frightening friends, all hell will break loose when he arrives at the party! The dark outfit is emblazoned with a red demon design, and comes complete with horrifying horns to the hood. Finish the Satan suit with fiery red make-up and he’s all set for a devilishly good time.

Full of frighteningly fun details, the cheerleader zombie outfit comprises a slashed and blood-stained dress, plus matching red and black pom poms. For a totally gruesome getup, team with some white torn tights dipped in red dye, and create deep black circles under her eyes – guaranteed to scare others to death!

Spooky score: 9/10


A haunting Halloween costume that’s full of seasonal spirit, this howling ghost outfit just screams scary. The set includes a long robe in midnight black, plus a pasty white moulded mask with a phantom face, so your youngster will look spooktacular.

A fang-tastic outfit, the velvety vampire dress comes in gothic black with blood-curdling red, and features a batwing shaped collar – the other kids costumes will suck in comparison!

Petrifying points: 7/10

Tiny Terrors


Let’s get to the bare bones of things, even your baby’s costume needs to be fairly frightening, and this scaled-down skeleton romper will send shivers down everyone’s spine. But best of all, when night starts to fall, the bones illuminate in the dark!

You’ll have your very own dribbling Dracula in this baby’s vampire outfit. Designed just like Dracula’s strange suit with a waistcoat, bow tie and shirt, the attached black batwings will transform your little one into creepy character as they crawl at people’s feet.

Spine-chilling score: 5/10


This baby’s black cat costume will make a wicked sidekick to mum’s dressing up as witches. Designed like a tiny tuxedo with a pink bow tie, the set includes a cute cat hat and paw print mittens. Purr-fect for getting the youngest family members involved in the creepy celebrations, it’s also snug enough for quick cat naps.

Your little pumpkin will look just the part when they set out on their first trick or treat trip in this cute romper. Looking as sweet as pumpkin pie, it’s certain they’ll be awarded plenty of tasty treats and candy.

Scary score: 2/10 (they’re just too cute!)

Have a terrifically terrifying time!

Love Aimee and Gemma  xxx

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24th October 2014
Written by Very_Gemma