Interview: Xtra Factor Host Sarah Jane Crawford

Sarah Jane Crawford is a little bit of a gold star right now. She’s making the Xtra Factor fun TV and she’s got great chemistry with Simon Cowell and Louis Walsh as well as Mel B and Cheryl Fernandez-Versini. That can’t be easy.

She’s even finding time to have a social life as I caught up with her at a party in London, to talk about charity, Cowell and beauty!


QS: Who’s your celebrity hair & beauty icon?

It has to be Sade. Her look is so simple, but so effective. I love her simple pared back hair. Anyone of Iranian, Asian or Hawaiian origin I’m so envious of their beautiful hair. I love what Nicole Scherzinger and Kim Kardashian do with theirs; ponytails, fishtails, cornrows, I adore the experimentation.

QS: You’ve been filming X Factor, did any of the female X Factor judges ever give you any great beauty tips or tricks?

I keep joking that they’re stealing my red lip look! Mel did it a few weeks ago and said I must be rubbing off and her, and then Cheryl just did a red lip for the press launch. I adore Cheryl’s eye make up; she has the most incredible naturally long eyelashes.

QS: You’re involved with the Coppafeel charity – tell us about that?

I had two benign tumours removed from my breast and so I think its important we all check ourselves regularly.Breast Cancer is a disease that is highly publicised, we’re all so aware of it and we talk about it, but that doesn’t necessarily translate to women, specifically young women, actually checking themselves. It’s the weirdest thing because we all know about it as a big and scary thing, but it still doesn’t seem like people physically check.


QS: How did you find out you had the job on The X Factor?

From the day I found out I had a screen test to the day I got job it was three months, which to me felt like forever! The Screen test was two interviews on camera. I then met with Talkback Thames, then Syco and ITV. Then I met Simon’s right hand man then finally the man himself; I spoke to Simon the Friday evening before the BGT final, Then found out I got the job on the Monday morning!

QS: Who’s the coolest person you’ve interviewed?

I’ve done a lot of cool interviews for both TV and radio. I’ve interviewed Usher, Robert De Niro, and I had Spike Lee on my show last year; he still stands out as one of the biggest. Spikes Lee’s actually my friend, so for the longest time I’ve been like “Spike, you need to come on my show”, so it was amazing when he actually did. Spikebeing on the show has always been such a highlight moment. He was only meant to be on air for 15 minutes, but he ended up being on for an hour!

Wearing one of the hottest trends right now – a metallic ‘prom n con’ dress – with gold sandals, Sarah Jane Crawford was lovely. I wonder if some of her optimism for life will rub off on grumpy Simon Cowell? You never know…

Love Zoex

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18th October 2014
Written by Zoe Griffin