Millie Mackintosh’s Début Collection makes it’s way to Very!

Everyone’s favourite Chelsea girl has launched her début collection and Very are lucky enough to be selling it! Ever since Millie slapped Hugo and then ran off into the sunset with the loveable rogue Professor Green, we’ve been hooked on her girlish charm, healthy living and effortless style.

Along with her own lash collection and a jewellery collaboration with Dorothy Perkins, Millie has been working her super-toned-butt off to bring us her own take on this season’s trends. Combining wardrobe staples with party wear highlights this capsule wardrobe will ensure you’re stylishly clad until New Years.

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With a luxurious feel, metallic highlights and lots of pin-flashing this is not a range for faint hearted! It’s both classic and daring at once with an understated colour way and traditional tailoring clashing stylishly with glittering embellishment and plunging necklines.

I’ve picked out some of my favourite pieces from the collection below, I’m torn between buying either the playsuit or the drape dress! The playsuit is so Charlie’s Angels I’m already imagining I’m Lucy Liu, but then the drape dress is so classic and I could always use another LBD…which would you pick?



Peplum Dress, Scuba Skater DressDipped Hem Scuba Dress


Millie2Jumpsuit, Embellished Mirror Dress, Drape Dress 

Love, Roanna x

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8th October 2014
Written by Very_Lauren

Posted by: Eugenio 27 March 2015

I grew up listening to Elvis and sinigng anywhere and everywhere, including church and school choruses. Did theater and drama. I love musicals and I love concerts (except the crowds are getting to be a little much).I remember the first time I saw Bruce Springsteen walk on stage. Goose bumps all over. The closest thing I’ve ever had to a religious experience. LOL.When I write, I sometimes listen to playlists for my characters and the story, and sometimes I need silence. Depends on the story and the scene. If I need to get into the right mood, music can get me there. And if I’m searching for just the right title for a book, I’ll often listen to random songs on my iPod. The poetry of music shifts my brain to open up the creative juices. I just love it!Glad you enjoyed the U2 concert, Michelle! They’re one group on my list I’ve never seen.

Posted by: Sylvie 25 March 2015

Your panties are aldoabre. I have been making my panties for several years. There’s nothing that makes a woman feel more feminine than a pair of fancy panties. It’s nice to be able to construct my own designs with delicate touches of lace, ribbons, and embroidery. Most of all, I like the vintage styles: high-waisted briefs, saucy little bloomers, and tap panties, just like Lombard and Harlow wore. They are so much more alluring that the minimalist styles common today. The young women of today need to turn back to the romantic styles of yesteryear. My husband likes them, too. I’ve also created some lovely cuff leg briefs, patterned after Lollipop panties, utilizing authentic rayon fabric, since I don’t like elastic in the legs. There are a number of vintage patterns available on EBay and elsewhere. You’ve inspired me to try bras next.