Celebrity Style Steal: The Ultimate A’List Workout Wear

Christmas party season is approaching and that means it’s time to start making our outfits the best they can be. For that, it makes sense to make our bodies the best they can be. Even if we can’t get to the gym every single day, once or twice is better than anything to get our bods more toned.  If celebrities, who have really busy schedules, manage to find time to workout then we really have no excuses. Also, there are a variety of ways to burn calories so if you don’t enjoy one activity you could try another?

Here are the three most popular ways:


As you can see above, The Saturdays keep flexible and toned with yoga sessions. This is great low-impact exercise if you’ve just had babies like Rochelle Humes or Frankie Bridge and also if you’re just starting out with exercise. If you’re a beginner then it makes sense to monitor your activity so you know if you’re doing enough and you can track your progress. I like the Fitbit flex wireless activity  sleep wrist band that can tell you if you’re walking round enough and how much you’re sleeping. The  Polar FT4 heart rate monitor watch will show you just how hard you’re pushing yourself – it should be low in yoga. Yoga is all about comfort so stick to leggings and loose vests like the Adidas clima young crush tank like the Saturdays did. You could get a Body Scultpure exercise mat to practise at home.



Taylor Swift likes to shake things up at the gym, alternating between cardio and weights. If you jump between the exercise bike and the treadmill it keeps things interesting. This type of exercise may make you sweat so keep cool with Nike running 8 inch filament shorts. If you need some motivation, make a playlist of your fave tunes and use the Beats by Dre powerbeats wireless in-ear headphones to turn it up loud!



Ellie Goulding says she runs 6 times a week. This is a bit extreme but the joy of running is that it’s completely free – no gym membership – you get out in the fresh air and it burns tons of calories in one go. With a GPS watch like the super pretty Garmin Forerunner 10 – GPS running watch you can keep a note of how many calories you’re burning as well as how many miles you’ve covered. Then you can track your progress. Start off by running 2 miles and increase it to 2.5 the next time. Running is addictive. To give you motivation, why not brighten up your running kit? The Adidas Originals mountain clash leggings and the Adidas Prime v-neck t-shirt put me in a good mood just by looking at them.

What exercise do you prefer? Go on, pick one!

Love Zoex

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5th November 2014
Written by Zoe Griffin