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As the cold nights draw in you’re forced to stay in doors or risk the perils of frostbitten toes and freezing fingertips… but what to do?! After all, there are only so many Friends reruns a girl can watch before she starts to look for other sources of entertainment – so how about gathering round the kitchen table and cracking out a board game?! But which one to choose…*

*Please note, Very holds no responsibility for any family feuds or fighting friends that might ensue as a result of board game night!


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Go classic…. with Monopoly

Ahhh the source of so many family disagreements, but what do you expect when you throw money, penalties and a good dose of greed into the mix?! Now you can really personalise the classic game with the latest edition from Hasbro – My Monopoly. Add your picture and address in to make stealing your dad’s hotels that little bit more painful… Think you’re ready to take your business smarts to the big city? Try Monopoly Empire and see if you have what it takes to own some of the biggest brands in the world, including McDonalds, Samsung and Coca-Cola.

Potential bust up rating – a clear 9/10. Families have broken up over less.

Go Educational… with Trivial Pursuit

The words ‘educational game’ tend to strike fear into most people’s hearts, but Trivial Pursuit definitely deserves a mention. Questions can range from the ridiculously hard – Who was the official hair consultant to the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics? (Vidal Sasson FYI) to the completely random – how many rings make up one arm of the Michelin man? (four, just in case it ever comes up). Test your knowledge in the different subject categories and learn a few new facts to impress your mates, with the added frustration of trying to roll the right number to reach the centre and claim your win.
Potential bust-up rating – 4/10, although there’s a very high chance that someone will disagree with an answer and angrily consult Google… only to be proven wrong. Ouch.

Get bendy… with Twister

This one has to come with a warning surely… no playing after a big meal and be aware that it will definitely hurt the morning after. For more twists (!) add in some forfeits, from eating something disgusting to horrible shots – people will certainly stretch that extra few inches if they know they’re going to pay for it otherwise.

Potential bust up rating – 5/10, it’s all fun and games unless someone gets hurt!

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 Try some TV favourites… with Big Bang Theory Cluedo

Sadly this game doesn’t involve murdering the ever-so-slightly annoying Sheldon, but it does give you the chance to add instant Bazinga to the classic who-dunnit game. Someone has carelessly meddled with one of Sheldon’s beloved treasures and it’s time to find out who! Play your Big Bang Theory box sets in the background and dress up as superheroes for added geek points.

Potential bust up rating – 2/10 unlikely, although the criminal in the game won’t be too popular by the end of the night…

 Get moving… with Just Dance

Ok, this one isn’t strictly a board game, but myself and my friends have spent hours mastering the moves and showing off out skills and I can’t recommend it enough. You can pick popular songs or try something a bit retro, with different levels for anyone who is slightly challenged in the co-ordination department. Just remember to clear any furniture out of the way first!

Potential bust-up rating – 1/10, although there is the risk of pulling a few muscles, so maybe limber up first!

Enjoy! Love Aimee x

11th November 2014
Written by Very_Lauren