Sarah Jane Crawford And Donna Air Go Aqua

The Christmas lights have been turned on in shopping centres, ice rinks are starting to pop up and the Christmas party season is getting started! The celebs always do things first and Sarah Jane Crawford injected the Xtra Factor into a party in London as she took to the decks for a DJ set. Sarah is known for her trademark red lipstick but she shocked everyone as she went for a more neutral lip. I think it suits her. If you want to make a statement with your clothes then you can afford to keep things simple but classy with the make-up.



At the party, there seemed to be a trend for blue and green party dresses – the aqua / water colours.. Sarah Jane looked super girly in her prom style dress, telling us that she was a really girls girl and loved nail varnish, fashion and make-up. Just like the rest of us then! She also revealed that she’s finding it dificult when the contestants leave the show as she’s formed a bond with them. Awww!

TV presenter Donna Air was another celeb in a green dress, on a girl’s night out.


Donna is currently dating Kate Middleton’s brother James so she could find herself mixing in royal circles more often. She’s certainly dressing more sophisticated now in a long-sleeve dress. The clutch bag added a bit of sparkle though! Donna hasn’t started planning Christmas yet but she did say it would involve family and food and she thought she was a good cook. So she’s not just a pretty face. Moving on to make-up, Dona said she loved a nude lip as well. Perhaps the celebs are trying to tell us something?

What do you think of the colours blue and green for party dresses?

Love Zoex

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10th November 2014
Written by Zoe Griffin

Posted by: Farras 5 March 2015

God Bless America . it IS the best thing ever.I’ve been doing this for well over a year now. Useta drive two hours. Now I drive 45 minutes cause the one down the Blvd. is crdduy.But my ever so picky when it comes to food friend came this close to opening a SS. So I have confidence in the food quality.Ours is Dream Dinners. And a new place is coming to town . specifically across the street.How sweet is THAT?

Posted by: Mrs June Cruden 15 November 2014

They look very nice

Posted by: Mrs June Cruden 15 November 2014

Blue and green should never be seen except on an Irish Queen. But some times can look good.