Celebrity Workout Trends Of 2014

There’s a reason why celebs are in good shape on the red carpet – they work out! I think 2014 was the year in which the celebs stopped trying to pretend their hot bods were the result of ‘good genes’ and started to admit they did exercise. I’ve lost count of how many gelfies (gym selfies) I’ve seen as well as yoga poses, sweaty cycling pics and runs along the beach.

If you’ve not exercised in a while it doesn’t matter as everyone has to start somewhere. You can exercise indoors or outdoors, on your own or in a class. I’ve had a look at five methods of exercise the celebs were loving this past year.
(1) Soulcycle
The Victoria’s Secret Angels (above) love shaping up their legs with indoor cycling classes. Soulcycle is a bit of a celebriy cult in LA and New York as David and Brooklyn Beckham are regulars as is Coldplay’s Chris Martin, Lady Gaga and Nicole Scherzinger. Scherzy loved it so much she held the album preview of her album there, encoraging journalists to work out to her tunes. With spinning, all you need are fitness leggings (they’re the most flattering and anything baggy could get stuck in the pedals) and a loose vest top.
(2) Yoga
Yoga is the best exercise for anyone starting out to exercise, as it’s low impact, as well as for people who have previously focused on cardio and have developed tight joints as a result. Nicole Scherzinger (left) does it to stay flexible while Jessica Alba did it after the birth of her baby. A yoga mat is a good start as the essence is on comfort.
(3) Jogging
 Kendall Jenner (above left) and Ellie Goulding (right) are a couple of the stars who like to get out and about in the fresh air. I find running really as it’s just you and your ipod playlist and you are free to go wherever you want. A good pair of sports trainers is essential to avoid leg injuries and you’ll need a good sports bra.
(4) Bootcamp
 Joining a bootcamp and doing sets of exercises outside is a great way of getting in the fresh air but it has more variation than running. Usually a trainer will shout at you if you’re not doing enough so it would push you more than if you exercised alone. I think if Denise Van Outen (left) and Kim and Khloe Kardashian can do it then so can we. Looks like leggings and a vest top are good options.
(5) Gym
khloe-k-gym-selfieThis year I keep hearing the phrase ‘strong is the new skinny’ and Millie Mackintosh and Khloe Kardashian are great examples of that. Muscle burns calories quicker than fat so if you lift weights it will speed up your metabolism so you look thinner. I love Millie’s look and Khloe’s black vest top is also cute. You can lift weights and still be feminine!
Are you brave enough to make a resolution to try one this year? If you want a figure like a celebrity, you are going to need to work out like a celebrity. Sorry, but you can at least look pretty doing it.
Love Zoex
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31st December 2014
Written by Zoe Griffin

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