Dreaming of a Vintage Christmas

When the chaos of Christmas gets into full swing it’s nice to take some time out and remember how they did it in the good old days. There’s definitely something magical about the old festive movies and starlets, whether it’s the sense of calm serenity, the slush-free snow or the sing-a-longs there’s nothing quite like them for bringing back the sparkle (especially if you’ve been wrestling bags in a rammed shopping centre, enough to make anyone Grinch like!). The best bit for me is the costumes, no onesies, no Pug jumpers with flashing lights, just some good old fashioned vintage dressing.

So even if you haven’t got a sleigh bell, roaring log fire or bottle of egg-nog to hand, settle back with this little look at festive style icons and let the yuletide glow surround you, altogether now “I’m dreaming of a …..”


Behold, the leading ladies from the ultimate Christmas film ‘White Christmas’, proving firstly that lace is always a Christmas party winner and secondly that it’s good to rock a little colour. If you want to don something a little different for the Christmas do this year, this lace dress from Definitions is going to make you stand out amongst all the LBD’s and sparkle.




Next up is Loretta Young in The Bishop’s Wife – this Christmas classic features Cary Grant as an Angel (or is he?) sent to help raise money to build a Cathedral, it’s pretty schmaltzy stuff but it’s got that feel-good innocence about it that makes you feel all warm inside.  Plus the fact that Ms Young looks dazzling with perfectly coiffed hair and a beautiful wardrobe – luxe outerwear is always a game-changer when it comes to winter dressing and you can find your perfectly chic cover-up right here.


You’ve got to be in awe of these costumes in ‘It Happened on 5th avenue’ – I take my hat off to anyone who can pull off that much leopard print, and I can’t be alone in thinking that the world would be a much better place if our gents still wore classy coats and hats! This film is a classic tale of rich versus poor, and happiness prevailing over sadness, and of course a few lovely Christmas songs along the way.

If you want to add a fierce fur to your winter look, check out this little lot!

Finally here are a few other Hollywood Icons getting into the festive spirit, proving that no matter how glam and fabulously rich you are, no-one can resist Santa’s charms!







Hope you all have a VERY merry Christmas and that Father Christmas brings you everything on your list. I have it on good authority that you’ve all been well behaved!) x


Thanks to Lynn Johnson for the graphic design


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22nd December 2014
Written by Very_Lisa

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