Rochelle Brightens Up LOVE magazine party in her own collection

LOVE magazine has a reputation for being trendsetting and unique, most recently featuring Kendall and Kris Jenner in their advent calendar photoshoot, so when I heard they were throwing a Christmas party I knew it would be exciting. Sure enough, it was held at the new Ivy Grill in Covent Garden, the Champagne was overflowing, there were tons of scented candles making the venue all Christmassy and the celebs really made an effort with their outfits.

The theme of the night seemed to be mini dresses and playsuits, with the stars showing off some leg. Rochelle Humes showed just how the green strappy playsuit from her own collection should be worn as she stood out for all the right reasons.



Lindsay Lohan looked gorgeous in a gold mini dress. She revealed she lost weight while acting in Speed The Plow in London and I could tell that. Her younger sister Ali (below right) was proud of her. Lindsay also confessed she might be looking to make a permanent move to London in 2015 – watch this space!


Abby Clancey went for silver and sparkles! She’s still yet to do her Christmas shopping so if she looks stressed it’s because she only has 10 days left to get organised. Well, at least there’s nothing like a deadline to get her moving quicker!



Meanwhile Daisy Lowe is more organised and says she starts preparing for Christmas in October. Wow! She was one of the only celebs to wear a midi skirt but the leather material livens it up a bit. It reminds me of the Vero Moda dapper pu calf length skirt at Very.



Who do you think looked the best?

Now there’s only days left til Christmas, have you got the stamina to keep it up until the big day? And then, of course there’s New Year’s Eve…

16th December 2014
Written by Zoe Griffin