The Hottest Single Male Celebs 2014

Don’t worry if you are single this Christmas period. Never has it been more appropriate to say ‘I’m only single because I’m fussy’ as there are so many hot eligible celebrity bachelors right now.
And celebs don’t just date celebs, you know. When gorgeous George Clooney walked down the aisle with lawyer Amal Alamuddin this year, it gave me hope that we all have the chance to date (and marry) celebs. Equal opportunity and all that!
So it’s time to raise your A’game and dress to impress in 2015 as you could win the hearts of:

(1) Harry Styles



The One Direction star needs someone to be his One.

(2) Leonardo Di Caprio


The Wolf of Wall Street needs to be tamed!

(3) Orlando Bloom


After splitting from model Mirander Kerr, the Lord of the Rings star is without a ring on his finger and back on the singles market. Yay!

(4) Patrick Schwarzenegger


Arnold Schwarzenegger’s son and aspiring actor Patrick has a fit bod, soul-searching eyes and looks gorgeous in a suit. I think I’m in love.

(5) Jake Gyllenhaal


He famously dated Taylor Swift, but since then Jake’s been busy with his acting. He needs someone to make his eyes smile more.

(6) Gossip Girl actor Chace Crawford


Gossip Girl may no longer be on our TV screens but it doesn’t matter if you can have 24/7 access to Chace by making him your boyfriend. However, you may have a bit of competition as girls swoon over his chiselled face and lean bod.

(7) Chris Martin



Well he’s not with Gwyneth anymore…And pretty damn good at the piano and guitar.

(8) Prince Harry


All little girls dream of marrying a prince and it still could happen as Harry hasn’t been snapped up yet. He’s over 6ft, he rides horses and he flies helicopters in the army. What’s not to like?

Harry’s the one I’m most keen on. What do you think?

Love Zoex

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24th December 2014
Written by Zoe Griffin

Posted by: Lucilene 8 March 2015

hey girl! great to hear tt you’ve been serving in e criedhln‘s church! great ministry and investment! all right =) n yes.. you made a right move in vatting e pictures.. little minds musnt be polluted. =) how’ve you been? hope everything’s fine.. =)

Posted by: Goldfish 5 March 2015

Haha great video! Thanks for posting.I am not a huge Nicholas Cage fan. He’s in some great moeivs, but I don’t really like him as an actor. He’s not convincing as an action hero (looks like a dork). He has no sex appeal’ (again, looks like a dork). And is too weird for me. But maybe that’s his appeal?