Top 10 Celebrity Style Icons 2014

I’m so shocked we’re at the end of the year already but what a year it’s been! Its time to look back and think about what we’ve learned style-wise. Trends will only be trendy for a matter of weeks, but if we take our inspiration from indivuduals’ fashion sense (and particularly celebrities’ tastes as they hear of things first) then we will always be one step ahead of the curve.

But who do we follow? Casting my mind back to all the events I’ve attended this year and all the celebs I’ve bumped into and written about, these are my top 10.

(1) Kendall Jenner (above)

What’s most impressive about Kendall is that she always dresses in clean lines. It’s rarely bodycon nor too revealing but instead she lets the elegant shaped items drape over her model body. While we can’t get her body without a ton of work, I am inspired by how she doesn’t feel the need to wear lots of sequins or detail and she still looks party-ready. My fave thing she’s ever worn is the white jumpsuit as it stood out in a sea of dresses.

Olivia Palermo (below)


Olivia Palermo is the Queen of layering – I’ve never seen anyone that can do it like her. The trick is to go for a large handbag in a contrasting colour to your outfit. Always have at least two different types of fabric  -eg knitwear and shorts or leather and cotton. And always accessorise!

Cheryl Fernadez Versini


Cheryl seems to have employed a new style team for this year’s X Factor as she’s never looked better. Maxi dresses really suit her and the more sequinned the better. If I have a big ball / formal event next year I’m going to find a dress like hers.

Beyonce Knowles


No style icon list could be complete without Queen Bey could it? Beyonce never gets it wrong, causing men and woman to lust after her. One thing is guaranteed – her outfit will be bodycon, showing off her tiny waist and bootylicious hips and there will be a fabulous pair of high heels involved somehow!

Solange Knowles


Since this year’s ‘lift incident’ Solange has really come into her own. She has a more experimental style than Beyonce (eg she doesn’t always do bodycon) but she will always go for something detailed or embellished.  She wears the maxi dresses rather then them wearing her.

Amal Alamuddin


This time last year I didn’t know who Amal Alamuddin was and now she’s gone and married George Clooney! He chose well as Amal has never looked anything less than sophisticated and classy. She loves tailored pieces, which she’s always had to wear for her day job as a lawyer, but I especially love these wide leg trousers.

Taylor Swift



My favourite singer about heartbreak, Taylor Swift, always looks amazing on stage but I take more inspiration from her casual wear. I’d even go so far to say she’s the queen of coats and hats. It doesn’t really matter what she wears underneath as she lets her outerwear do the talking.

Selena Gomez


Splitting up with Justin Bieber was a smart move for Selena Gomez as she’s taken way more seriously and gets way more attention. She’s excellent at picking pretty party dresses that stand out and can be worn all night long but the best one she’s worn this year has to be the gold dress she wore to the MTV Movie Awards.

Kate Moss


Kate Moss has been on the catwalks for around 20 years and she still looks not just relevant but ravishing! Kate was the woman who invented the boho look after all. For this, the key is skinny jeans and flats. It’s all about being effortlessly cool…

 Fearne Cotton



Talking of cool, Fearne Cotton lives and breathes it. She picks pieces she likes and wears them with other pieces she likes, meaning you don’t need to plan outfits or match as gorgeous items will look good no matter what they’re worn with. She shows you can wear prints and colour at the same time and she has a gorgeous selection of coats.

So that was my top 10. I didn’t number them because I thought they all looked equally brilliant. Who’s your favourite?

Love Zoex

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28th December 2014
Written by Zoe Griffin

Posted by: Dane 5 March 2015

Perfect on you! You look great. and I feel you about going back in the blog reading relaly old posts, funny. You def. see the growth.

Posted by: Mark Lomas 5 January 2015

The best dream I’ve ever had was when I was on medication that made dreams very very vivid-I was walking through the park feeding ducks with my nan who passed away a few years ago, I was both happy and sad when I woke up-it was amazingly real.

Posted by: TERRAD 5 January 2015

My best dream was when I was working as a driver at the local Feed Mill and the secretary on the weighbridge was drop dead gorgeous, she had been asked out by most of the drivers but to no avail, feeling that I may be in with half a chance I plucked up courage to ask her out and to my surprise she agreed to meet me in the local Tavern that very evening.
This dream and various dreams on the same theme continued for several months until I could stand it no longer and I did actually ask her out and believe it or not what followed was an exact re-enactment of my dreams and this charming young woman has now been my wife for forty one years so it happens that dreams do come true at least mine did.