A round up of 2014: what hit the stores and what didn’t

The Consumer Electronics Show sets up shop in Las Vegas in early January to showcase all the exciting new gadgets we can look forward to in 2015. It’s a must-attend for all the big manufacturers and Very is sending a team of eight intrepid buyers out into the desert to soak up all the hot new trends. There’s usually a game of cat and mouse beforehand, with companies promising ‘big developments’ while avoiding being specific in case any of their rivals take too close an interest.

The 2014 CES was jam-packed with big announcements and this year’s promises more of the same, so let’s take a look at what came out of last year’s show – and what we can look forward to this time.

ces 12

What hit the stores – and what didn’t

Innovative TVs stole the limelight last time, with Ultra HD and big, curvy models the centre of attention. Ultra HD (or 4K) gives you four times as many pixels as the already impressive Full HD for a synapse-sizzling visual sensation that has to be seen to be believed.

The range grew rapidly through the year, with prices quickly starting to drop to a more affordable level. You can now pick up a 40 inch 4K TV for less than £600, which is pretty impressive when you get Smart TV features thrown in for the price too.

ces tv

The curved (or concave) TVs that made a big stir at CES 2014 also hit the shops in a big way, with lots of praise for an improved depth of vision, wider field of view and enhanced immersion in whatever you’re watching. They even look gorgeous when they’re switched off too.

If you really want to get ahead of the curve, simply invest in the stunning Samsung 65 inch UHD TV.

ces curve 2

The waterproof tablets and smartphones unveiled last January, such as the Sony Xperia Z3, were soon in the shops and continue to sell well.

ces phone

Wearable tech caused a stir in Vegas last time round and has since proved the biggest growth area in technology as a simple convenient way to measure how much exercise and sleep you get. Prices have started to drop as the competition hots up, though the funky Pebble Smart Watch still gets our vote!

ces watch

Less successful was the Kolibree smart toothbrush, which lets the whole family compare brushing stats via the free app.

Hydrogen-fueled cars have yet to arrive on the forecourt, along with the bathroom mirror featuring built-in internet access – but perhaps their time will come in 2015.


What we might see at CES 2015


The ‘Internet of Things’ is the big concept floating around at the moment, with all our gadgets set to become ever more integrated in the future.

A symposium has been lined up to discuss the subject in Vegas but we’ll have to wait and see what products are ready to go to market. I’m keenly awaiting the heating system that keeps in touch with my smartphone so it can automatically switch on when we get within 15 minutes of home. Or how about a tablet app that keeps track of all your clothes and recommends an outfit in the morning based on the weather report?

More realistically (at least for this year), we can expect cheaper Ultra HD TVs, along with more content to watch on them, and stand-alone wearable tech devices that do everything right there, rather than requiring a hook-up to your phone to tell you how you’re doing.

Virtual reality is moving closer to, well, reality as the sci-fi sounding Oculus Rift and Project Morpheus developments generate excitement. Hopefully we can our hands on some truly mindbending tech in this area this year.


Flexible tech made an appearance last year and could return, hopefully with a TV screen you can enjoy on the way home before you roll it up and drop it in your bag. The unveiling of the LG G Flex 2 might be more realistic for now, though, with its weird, bendable screen.

flex tech

Steam machines could see the end of traditional gaming, with everything switching to a disc-less download world. Apple might even give us a peek at the much anticipated iWatch, with an unveiling that could prove nearly as dangerous to the internet’s good health as Kim Kardashian’s booty.

6th January 2015
Written by Very_Rachel

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