CES 2015 Roundup

CES is that wonderful time of year where all the tech companies gather in Vegas to show off their latest toys and gadgets. So without further ado, check out Julia Hardy’s guides to everything worth talking about at CES.

Tech Trends 2015

Wearable Tech has been making strides over the last couple of years, but it seems like the tech companies are really starting to innovate now the basics are down. Expect to see new choices from Garmin, and even smart headphones that will measure your heart rate as you run and tell you whether to speed up or slow down! for all of our current wearable and smart tech, take a look here.

4K TV – just… be excited. The pictures on these are already phenomenal (and you can see the range we have to offer here), but with most streaming services starting to offer 4K content and the price of the TV’s starting to come down the time has never been better to jump in. Samsung even went one better at this year’s CES, and have shown off a prototype for a bendable 105” (that’s almost 9 feet!!!) 8K TV – although don’t expect that one to hit the mass market JUST yet!

“The Internet of Things” – the short version of this is that you’ll soon have a Smart… everything! Fridges, cat litter trays (yes, really) and everything in between. Not just that, but all your smart tech is finally going to be able to start talking to one another, so compatibility issues might become a thing of the past!

Most Exciting Tech 2015

Sony Smart B Trainer – these are the nifty little headphones that were mentioned in the last video. These are a great little gadget that has what’s called a Smart Playlist. When combined with companion app on your phone, it will create a playlist and with the onboard memory it also means you can even leave your phone at home and it’ll work regardless! Possibly the best thing about these bad boys though, is the in-ear trainer that will tell even you how you’re progressing!

For the dog lovers amongst you, there is the Motorola Scout 5000. Hook this little camera up to his collar and set a boundary (the edges of the garden for example) and you’ll get an alert when Fido explores past the area. And yes, we did say this is a CAMERA – which means you can watch what your dog is getting up to through the magic of your phone! Just try not to look when he decides to… erm… clean…

There are some great tech ideas that would suit people with kids down to the ground. First off – the Sleep IQ Kids Bed. This monitors the little one’s sleep, lighting up underneath the bed if they need to use the loo, so they’re not walking in the dark. It even has a little game you can use with your phone to blast any monsters under the bed! If you need a bed for your kids now though, you can see everything we have to offer here.

There’s also LG’s Twin Wash. This looks like a typical Smart Washing Machine, with all the texts and updates you’d expect, but it actually has another separate slide out washer so you can run two loads at once. So, you can get through all you clothes in the main drum, and baby’s clothes from the last day or two in the smaller drum. Great idea if you want to keep things apart but still get through the washing quickly. Until that is out though, you can see all of our washing machines here.

That’s not all to get excited about though, so check out Julia’s video to see a couple more gadgets to be getting excited about!

The Future of Tech 2015

First off, Drones. I’m not even going to lie – I just want one of these for group party photos. Hook a camera up, take off, hover and snap. Great, interesting pictures just like that. BUT, obviously there are other uses. Businesses are starting to think about using these for deliveries, so one day you could be getting your new dress delivered by flying robot!

Speaking of robots, Multi-functional Robots could be the next big thing. If you’re anything like me, you may already have a robot vacuum cleaning the house while you’re out to a schedule you set. Well, imagine that same robot also has the ability to cut your grass, THEN hoover up the living room, THEN give it a once over mopping for you (that’s the dream, boys and girls!). Fingers crossed, that’s what will be around the corner.

Now if you want something with more practical possibilities (or not so practical in some instances…), 3D Printing is getting better and better. Recent developments have started ‘printing’ food, and the idea is to eventually move into printing yourself off a new outfit to the specification you require.

Virtual Reality is REALLY starting to excite us. The Sony Morpheus, Oculus Rift, and Samsung Gear VR are some of the big hitters coming your way soon, and VR is opening up a brand new avenue for not just gaming (although a VR horror game is a terrifyingly amazing idea!), but also learning and guided tours in full 360 degree angles.

That’s not all to get excited about though, so check out this video too where Julia tells you everything you should be looking out for.

And that’s it for CES this year! Hopefully you’re all as excited for the upcoming tech as we are!

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9th January 2015
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