CES Day 3 home tech and headphones

The crowd at the third and final day of the Consumer Electronics Show looks a little dazed but the exciting new gadgets keep coming thick and fast.

Much of the focus is on robots, with all manner of automated home help seemingly just round the corner to save us from those tiresome chores. You can already buy a robotic lawnmower and automated vacuum cleaners but the tech on display here in Vegas takes it to a whole new level.


Futurebot’s Furo-I Home is particularly advanced, with a range of sensors and an ability to take control of any device connected to your home WiFi. Extremely useful and not at all like Skynet the Korean company reassure us.

It’s being touted as a vital home help for frail elderly people, keeping them on track with when to get up, take their medicine, expect visitors and eat their meals. If they become unresponsive it can also contact you on your phone and patch you through to talk to them to see if everything is OK.

The Furo-I Home should be on the market this summer for around £700 and we’re already planning to use it to look after the kids on Saturday mornings while the adults enjoy a lie-in.

Gardners will love the Droplet robot that can sprinkle customised amounts of water to specific plants within its range in your garden, so the more thirsty ones get just what they need without their neighbours getting drowned.

Flying off for 3 days in Vegas is obviously terribly hard work and not at all a tremendous jolly in the City of Sin but we must confess to enjoying a rather bizarre game of football with WowWee’s MiPosaur robot dinosaurs. They can chase the ball, aren’t afraid to tackle and can shield it too – Harry Redknapp is apparently already in talks to sign one to replace Rio Ferdinand at QPR.

Virtual Reality is another hot topic to get your teeth into at CES this year, with companies getting ever closer to bringing the first devices to market.

One particularly intriguing demo involved Razer’s super-cheap Open Source Virtual Reality Hacker Development Kit, which is designed to get the whole world involved in discovering ways of using this remarkable technology.

Razer SEO Min-Liang Tan said: “We believe that if Virtual Reality is going to work, we need everyone working together in an incredibly open fashion. The Hacker Development Kit will open it up as much as possible so hackers, academics, game developers and so forth can all immediately get involved.”

Having half the world’s boffins acting as your unpaid interns also sounds like a pretty crafty move to us.

There’s just time to try on Skullcandy’s latest range of female-friendly headphones before CES finally comes to a close and they’ve done a fine job on following up last year’s offering, which included the florally fabulous Knock Out cans that we’re still smitten by.

Skullcandy headphonesSkullcandy

Finally we stagger out into the blazing sunshine of the Mojave Desert in search of a long lie-down as we prepare for a 2015 that’s sure to bring a whole range of amazing new gadgets into our homes.

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9th January 2015
Written by Very_Lauren