Day 2 of CES all wrapped up

Day 2 of the Consumer Electronics Show was full of more surprises, including 3D Systems’s CocoJet chocolate printer developed in partnership with Hershey’s! Yummy! Sooo…

3D printing technology

Always struck us as belonging in a sci-fi film rather than the real world, with boffins explaining how it will revolutionise making machine parts or something else equally dull….


3D printing3D printing drums















…but common sense has prevailed and they’ve found a worthwhile use for all this scientific wizardry – printing your very own chocolate bar layer by delicious layer! Now we can print out a 500g giant bar of Dairy Milk without even leaving the house. Bliss!

Talking of food..

Intel also unveiled its new RealSense technology that has been used in partnership with the Food Network to develop a cooking app that lets you use gesture control and voice commands to control your device rather than getting mucky fingerprints all over it.

Panasonic has also developed a self-stirring induction hob that means we will soon be able stand around in the kitchen, shouting out orders and waving our arms around Gordon Ramsay style without actually lifting a finger.

Wearable Tech & Drones

So there was plenty of excitement when Nixie combined the two with its wearable mini drone. Once unclipped from your wrist, you just throw it in the air and it automatically takes a selfie before flying straight back to you – like a deluxe selfie stick. What could possibly be more Christmas 2015 trend!

Virtual Reality

Another hot topic to get your teeth into at CES with companies getting ever closer to bringing the first devices to market!

One particularly intriguing demo involved Razer’s super-cheap Open Source Virtual Reality Hacker Development Kit, which is designed to get the whole world involved in discovering ways of using this remarkable technology. Razer SEO Min-Liang Tan said: “We believe that if Virtual Reality is going to work, we need everyone working together in an incredibly open fashion. The Hacker Development Kit will open it up as much as possible so hackers, academics, game developers and so forth can all immediately get involved.”

Techy pet products

When it comes to devices that you never knew you needed until you saw them at CES, the Motorola Scout 5000 smartphone for dogs has to come at the top of the list – you can track your 4-legged friend’s location, stream video of what they’re up to, monitor their exercise and even talk to them. It’s water, paw and chew proof but you will have to get Fido a 3G data plan. It’s sure to be a howling success…


Oculus Rift

Sony unveiled its latest SmartEyeglass! prototype, which is designed to challenge Google Glass when it comes to a portable online experience that puts the internet at the heart of everything you do.


The 4k HD future

With all this talk of 3D and Virtual Reality, it’s safe to say that flat is no longer where it’s at. That’s certainly true when it comes to TVs, with the likes of Samsung’s HU7100 55 inch Curved Ultra HD TV generating lots of interest last year.


Now the Korean giants have launched a new range of equally curvaceous soundbars to match, so we can all banish those dreary straight lines from our lounges forever!

Excited much? Check out our teaser pics from day 2 below to whet your appetite for some fabulous tech and watch our tech guru Julia Hardy’s video below for the biggest trends of 2015 (exclusively for Very!)!



The Very Guide and Julia Hardy guides you through all the latest tech featured at CES in Las Vegas.  So, if you want the low down on what we’ll be buying in the future check this out!

8th January 2015
Written by Very_Lauren