Fitness for the homebody: get toned at home!

Jumping up and hitting the gym isn’t for everyone. Whether you’re pinching the post-Christmas pennies, or are heavily weighed down with workloads from the office, it’s not always possible to make a quick dash to your nearest centre. It can also be intimidating if you’re a new starter – all that scary equipment and fitness fanatics galore! But, that doesn’t mean that you can’t burn off any excess bulge too. It’s seriously simple to slim down and shape up with the right gym equipment, all in the comfort of your cosy home.
The below exercise equipment fits all needs and levels and can be bought separately or together to target different trouble areas. Completely versatile, these portable picks are also perfect for taking to a class or studio when you do get the chance. So don’t be a spoilsport and step up your exercise routines for the New Year – there are now no excuses!


Body Sculpture Yoga/Exercise Mat

Tackle the tum and lengthen legs

A comfortable and supportive surface to lie on, a gym mat can be moved from room to room or carried to a class. The size allows you to position and pose, whether you’re concentrating on your crunches to tone the torso, or lengthening and stretching to get leaner legs. They’re easy to wipe down after a successfully sweaty workout – fresh for the next session!


Pineapple Deluxe Skipping Rope, Nike Speed Rope

Skip till you’re slim

Give your body a quick blast with a short skipping session. A high intensity workout, a skipping rope increases the heart rate, and 10 minutes can burn the same amount as a 45 minute run! It works your abs and arms, not just the legs so is great for you from top to toe.


Calmia Yoga Fitness Ball

Activate your abs and major muscle groups

Fitness balls are multifunctional that can be used to target and tighten different parts of the body. Lie back on it to support your sit-ups, rest your legs on it to intensfiy lunges and press-ups, or lean it against a wall to strengthen your squats. You can even hold it above your head to add extra weight and resistance to your routine squats while also working the arms. These balls balance your body and push your core to keep up, plus they reduce chances of injury thanks to their comfortable cushioning.


Active Woman Kettlebells, Pineapple Foam Dumbbells with Straps

Tone the triceps and build biceps

Most women avoid weights for fear of bulking up and getting bulging biceps, however lifting light actually helps you to get slender arms by sculpting and shaping. Also working your chest and shoulders, kettlebells and dumbbells are women-friendly weights. Regular repetitions and a religious routine will make a huge difference to your look without making you, well, huge! Kettlebells even tighten the torso for an added bonus.


10 Minute Solution Fitness Ball Workouts DVD, Davina Fitness Combo DVD

Follow a fitness DVD

Kick back the couch and clear some space in your living room. All you need here is a gym mat, a TV and your DVD. Fitness DVDs are fun and can be paused at any point, so you really can work at your pace and preference without feeling the pressure from an instructor. It’s also great for those who are pressed for time! Get expert tips and advice to achieve that dream body you desire.


Dynamix Exercise Bike

Pedal off the pounds

An exercise bike is an investment as it can be used whenever you have time. It’s a great form of cardio that pumps the heart as you push the pedals. Feel the burn as you watch the box to pass the time while you pedal, plus you can even track your progress and keep a calorie count! Adjust the resistance for a personalised workout that suits your active abilities and needs allowing you to really race towards your goals.

It’s a New Year, New You as an exercise enthusiast!

Love Very_Gemma xxx

12th January 2015
Written by Very_Gemma