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***Competition now closed – Thank you for entering*** It’s week two of our New Year New You campaign, and this week we’ve teamed up with Reebok to bring you the ultimate women’s workout, designed for working out at home equipment free.

Brought to you by fitness entrepreneur and star of the apprentice Katie Bulmer-Cooke, Reebok’s 6 week workout plan will help you target all areas from your arms to your abs. So whether you exercised before Christmas or not, you’ll be starting the New Year with a new you.

Reebok and Katie

Completing Katie’s 20-30 minute workout 3 to 4 times a week will help you achieve the results you want to see, burning calories and improving your fitness levels so you can make the most of every session. You can download the full 6 week programme now by visiting our Very Facebook page!

We caught up with Katie when she came to Very HQ to put us through our paces.  After a 40 minute workout we grilled our favourite Apprentice star for all the tips and tricks to keep you girls on track!

What advice do you give to people just starting to exercise or who haven’t exercised in a while?

The first thing I’d suggest doing is to set yourself a goal; one that is challenging but achievable. The biggest mistake I see people make is setting one that’s unrealistic and doesn’t suit their lifestyle. Choosing a form of exercise which 1. you enjoy but 2. will enhance and not dictate your way of life will mean you are more likely to stick to it and therefore see results.

Is there a best time of day to do this workout programme- when will people see the best results?

The results you see are not affected by the time of day. Again its all about tailoring your workout to suit your lifestyle. I’d recommend you stick to a routine though and put this in the diary, that way you’re less likely to put it off or skip it.

My personal preference is to work out in the morning especially in these colder winter months. There is nothing worse than peeling yourself off the sofa once you’re settled for the night.

As with most exercise plans, we are sure this requires a healthy diet. Do you have any advice on the type of meals that will help to fuel this workout?

As a general rule, I would have a source of protein and where possible green veg with every meal. I’d also avoid thinking of your daily food plan as breakfast lunch and dinner but think of them as meals 1, 2 and 3. Break the stereotype of having cereal or breakfast biscuits which are full of sugar in the morning. Mix things up with a hard-boiled egg and then asparagus or broccoli for soldiers.

Likewise turn your meal plan on its head and avoid a heavy starchy dinner. Swap in things like parsnips and sweet potato instead.

You are obviously very motivated and have the drive to keep on going. What advice would you give to keep our ladies on track throughout the programme?

I have three top tips for keeping on track.

  1. Goal setting – remembering to keep it relevant and realistic
  2. Accountability – make sure you tell others about your goal so you have even more reason to stick to it. Telling friends and family or even posting your plans on social media can help you keep your drive.
  3. Whatever decision you face be it on nutrition or exercise, ask yourself this question. Will it bring me closer to reaching my goal?

What is your favourite Reebok product stocked at

I love the Reebok mesh panelled leggings that I’m wearing right now. They are so stylish and make sure you’re on trend even when you’re working out. I also love the Reebok range of footwear. Whatever I am doing, whether its resistance training or running, Reebok trainers always serve me well. They’re multifunctional and always super supportive and comfortable.

You’re sure to find something you like with the new Reebok range. It’s awesome!

Lastly and just because we couldn’t go without an Apprentice insight….Who do you think would be best at sticking to your programme, Lord Sugar, Nick or Karen?

Ohhh that’s a really hard question. I’d have to go with Lord Sugar. Once he has set his mind on something you know that he is never going to go back on it. You only have to look at the way he does business to see that. I mean you wouldn’t see him fire you then ask to have you back the following week now would you! Was a toss up between him and Karen though….

Poor Nick!

Download the FREE Reebok Workout Guide here:

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9th January 2015
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