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With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, are you constantly dropping hints about a weekend away to a European city or dreaming of a romantic meal for two in a swish restaurant? If the answers yes, what better way to earn extra brownie points than to treat your boyfriend or partner to one of the top games or accessories for his shiny new games console that he has been glued to since Christmas day. And the best part? With the Get Gaming guide, it’s never been so easy to top up your gaming knowledge and pick the perfect gift.


So, where do you start? Well, it all begins with picking up the best games on the market, and with the new handy game selector tool this is now super simple. All you need to do is select the console, genre and price then hey presto the perfect games will be right in front of your eyes and you’re one step closer to that romantic weekend away!


If your gaming knowledge is a little rusty and you need some more information to make sure you’re on the right track, don’t stress, here’s our top titles that will guarantee to impress. If your fella fancies himself as a bit of an explorer, he’ll love Destiny. It’s a blockbuster title which has taken the gaming scene by storm! Or does if he loves a little role play, choose World of Warcraft where he can join thousands of PC gamers in an online world of magic and limitless adventure. Alternatively, Call of Duty will guarantee to get any action seekers hearts racing!  But remember, don’t let the men have all the fun, if you want to share the fun of gaming with all of the girls make sure you check out Singstar Ultimate Party, it’s perfect for a fun night in with all your friends, you’ll spend hours battling it out as if your on the final of the X Factor!

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If he’s already bagged all of the top titles, be sure to impress by spoiling him with one of the very best gaming accessories on the market. Now, you might not think that a gaming accessory would be the most exciting gift, but this is definitely not the case! From high-end headsets to racing wheels, not only will these accessories allow your gamer to get even more out of his new console, they have the power to make any gaming experience extraordinary!


If your other half is mad for PC gaming, Trust has it covered. The Trust GXT 340 7.1 Surround Gaming Headset will most definitely not disappoint. Not only will the black and red headset make him look like he means business, the headsets inline volume control and USB means that the clean, crisp sound puts him right in the middle of the game and provide him with the perfect level of immersion when battling friends online! But that’s not all; the Trust GXT 152 Illuminated Gaming Mouse is definitely has the power to transform his play. Plus, with its 6 buttons and illuminated sides, your gamer’s accuracy will be always be on point! Finally, if it’s a bit of action that your boyfriends after, the Thrustmaster Ferrari Racing wheel is the perfect choice for all racing situations. Plus, with adjustable steering sensitivity, automatic centring and 240 degree rotation angles his racing experience will be more realistic than ever before!

So that’s it, if you want to bag yourself some brownie points with your boyfriend, head on over to the Get Gaming guide and make his gaming experience extraordinary!

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17th January 2015
Written by Very_Lauren