How Celebrities Celebrated NYE 2015 In Style

Happy New Year! I hope you saw in 2015 in style? If not, don’t worry as I’m about to round-up what some of the celebs did. They partied to welcome in the New Year in a decadent fashion around the world – Sydney, New York, London, Las Vegas and Dubai.

So lets just think of it like they’re setting the fun trend for the year. We can delegate the New Year fun to them and pick it up later in the year on a night when there’s far less pressure to have a good time. And when it is time for us to party this year, we should probably take inspiration from the New Year’s outfits of:

Paloma Faith


Paloma lit up Jools Holland’s Hogmany celebrations in a sequin mini dress. Reminds me of the Rochelle Humes’ sequin mini dress

Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian


The Kardashian ladies also opted for sequins, but in black party dresses as they saw in 2015 in Las Vegas. Khloe is looking fab these days, don’t you think?

Taylor Swift


And there was more sequins in NYC! Taylor Swift performed in Times Square in a tiny crop top. She looks hot but inside she must have been freezing,

Selena Gomez


In Dubai, Selena Gomez (second left) and model pal Gigi Hadid (far right) kept up the sequin theme in their bodycon party dresses. Soooo pretty!

Samantha Faiers


The newest celebrity Very designer looked super chic and elegant in a blue dress as she partied at The Dorchester hotel in London. It was also her 24th birthday. Happy birthday, Sam!

Lily Allen


Lily Allen was in Edinburgh, performing at the city’s Hogmany celebrations. It was very sensible of her to wrap up in a jacket! At least it was a glam one with even more sequins.

Caroline Flack


Lucky Caroline is in Jamaica! However, the memo about wearing black and glitter was clearly sent out there too as she was yet another celeb to choose to party in a sweet black party dress. It’s been an incredible 2014 for her and I look forward to seeing how she can beat it in 2015.

Kelly Brook


 Kelly Brook was one of the first celebs to welcome in New Year as she was in Sydney, which is 8 hours ahead. She wore a different dress code – a red dress – and looks super laid back. Hopefully 2015 is a better one for her love life.




Finally, Mrs Carter, who always looks amazing, decided to make the rest of us feel happier by posting a silly photo of her in glasses. When you glam up so well every other day of the year, Queen Bey, we’ll let you off!

Happy New Year again! Let’s make the most of every day….just as the celebs do.

Love Zoex

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5th January 2015
Written by Zoe Griffin