Introducing Fearne Cotton’s latest home trend for Spring/Summer 15

Our favourite kooky-cool girl is back with yet another eclectic offering of furniture and homeware. Beautiful boudoir pieces meet simple yet chic Scandinavian influences to create a fashionable and functional space to relax in. Think contrasting combinations that actually complement and work together perfectly from clashes of tones and textures to pops of vibrant colours against a neutral base. So, let’s take a look shall we?!


This lovely living area has been designed with Fearne’s sense of individuality and playful personality in mind, it’s all in the attention to details of the furnishings right through to the accessories. Like this sofa for instance, its contemporary shape with clean straight lines takes note from Nordic styles where function and purpose is key. Fearne adds a bohemian touch by covering it with a covetable plush fabric. A scattering of stitched cushions in bold colours add a fresh and fun feel, whether you opt for bright tropical blossoms and blooms, quirky birds or all three (really, this trend is all about mix and match!). And look at those majestic mirrors that are decorated with decadent and dramatic details, they’ll instantly bring some chic Parisian style to the space.


Carefully crocheted cushions and pouffes also offer a boho spin and will appeal to any taste, whether you prefer classic cream colours or vibrant pink shades. Add extra layers of texture with a rustic rug that will also treat your toes to a super soft surface. The eye-catching design of this particular rug (coming soon) will provide a beautiful focal point to your floors. Store smaller valuables or stack your books on top of a tall chest of drawers with a traditional design – the classic and simple style balances out the bohemian vibe.


This stunning cream bed is full of vintage charm and allows your accessories to pop in colour so that they really stand out – team it with this bold blossoming duvet set to add flourishes of prints and pretty hues to the place. An extra style tip is to pile up pillows and cushions in contrasting designs to truly transform your bedroom into a beautiful boudoir. Dress your windows with draped co-ordinating curtains to instantly pull the overall look together. A bedside chest of drawers in matching colour is a stylish and sophisticated way to place your alarm clock, a soft night light or even candles and flowers.

Imagine curling up on this cosy armchair while indulging in a good read, or using it to prop you up as you do your make-up on an elegant ivory dressing table. The sleek and ultra modern lamp updates the shabby chic furnishings bringing both an antique and current style that Fearne just adores equally!

And just feast your eyes on that magnificient mirror (pictured in the main image above), it really does reflect Fearne’s vintage vibe and love of gothic glamour.

Fearne-Spring-Summer white

For those who prefer softer and classic interiors, then this classy colour scheme is just perfect. The crisp cream bedding lends light to the space, while delicate crocheted trims are a subtle nod to boho. The stunning hanging light fixture is dripping with delicate glossy beads offering a touch of drama to the decor. Co-ordinate the look with crocheted cushions and footstools in neutral shades, while adding cool, calming tones with seating and lamps in pale grey palettes.

So what’s your favourite piece? Comment below!

Visit Fearne’s home range here.


Very_Gemma xxx

22nd January 2015
Written by Very_Gemma