Samantha Faiers Launches Lashes By Samantha

If there’s one thing you can trust in the flaky world of showbiz it’s that when Samantha Faiers is at an event she’ll always look glamorous. Therefore when the gorgeous Very fashion designer threw a party in London’s Sanderson hotel to celebrate the release of her new eyelash collection, it was one sophisticated affair.

Looking fresh despite a long day of interviews with journalists to talk about lashes, lashes, lashes, the pretty reality TV star dazzled in a white tuxedo jacket. And then when I looked down I couldn’t help but admire her skinny jeans. She revealed to me that they’re from Very – they’re the Samantha Faiers light distressed skinny jeans.


I had to ask Sam what inspired her to develop Lashes By Samantha. She exclusively revealed it’s because she’s tried every single lash brand on the market and never found one she truly loved – either the glue wasn’t right or they were too heavy or the lashes looked cheap. She has to wear false lashes as she picked out her own lashes when she got stressed and she wanted to create something that made women feel better about themselves. There are three levels so there’s a natural look, a day-to-night look and a pure glam look. Here’s a peak at the range (and yes, those are cupcakes with Sam’s face on them!)


It was sweet to see that Samantha was supported by her sister Billie at the party. Billie’s in absolutely amazing shape in a white top just months after giving birth to her baby daughter Nellie. Surprisingly, she said her secret was playing badminton at the local sports centre in Essex. I would love to be on a fly on the wall at that, but I bet she still looks stylish in exercise gear.


Also at the launch was the Faiers’ sisters’ best friend Ferne McCann. She told me that the next series of TOWIE starts on 9 February and she promised me that she would continue to speak her mind. I hope she sticks to this promise!


All the girls at the party had already put Samantha’s lashes on so I had to try them myself. I was really impressed by how thick they are without feeling heavy. They really transform your look but you’d only know it if you looked in the mirror as you can’t feel them. Also, the lash glue is easier to apply than most of the others I’d previously tried and glue is so important.

Will you be trying them?

Love Zoex

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29th January 2015
Written by Zoe Griffin