Top 10 Highlights Of National TV Awards

It’s that time of year again – The National TV Awards has kick started the awards season in the UK. The BAFTA and Brits nominations may have been read out but this was the  first actual ceremony where winners  were announced.

All the winners were voted for by the public and there was a real sense of anticipation as the stars walked the red carpet as you can never predict the public mood. I was there to get the gossip and the arrivals lasted 90mins with a constant stream of stars strutting their stuff down the walkway outside London’s 02 arena. These are my top 10 highlights.

Alesha Dixon


Aleshas is currently doing BGT auditions around the UK and she was honest – she said she hasn’t yet seen something that makes her go ‘wow’. Well, if it’s any consolation, her bodycon black dress made a lot of fans on the red carpet go WOW.

Samantha Faiers


Looking stunning in an orange dress with matching orange lipstick, Very designer Samantha Faiers talked about her new fitness project, as she says doing exercise helped with her Crohn’s disease.

Rochelle Humes


Rochelle really made an effort on the red carpet. If I saw a red dress like this at the Oscars I wouldn’t be surprised – it’s a showstopper.

Kris Jenner


Kris, who presented an award, was the only celeb to wear a faux fur coat on the red carpet. I bet everyone else was jealous. I want one!

Mel B


Either Mel B was cold or she was in a bad mood, but she was one of the few celebs that decided to rush down the red carpet without talking to anyone. It’s a shame as her black maxi dress looked lovely from a distance, floating out as she walked / ran.

Tess Daly and Claudia Winkleman


I have to admit Tess Daly looked sensational. Not many stars could pull off a jumpsuit on the red carpet but the Strictly Come Dancing host not only manages it but upstages the other stars. It’s all about wearing it with attitude! The monochrome effect reminds me of the Fearne Cotton lace panel jumpsuit

Charlotte Crosby from Geordie Shore


Geordie Shore were nominated for an award for the first year ever and although they didn’t win, Charlotte won silently just by walking down the red carpet in this blue dress. She’s gone from chav to chic on the red carpet at least…I’m not convinced things were the same at the end of the night.

Gemma Collins


The plus-size designer is a great role model for girls with curves. Her black dress showed off all her best assets and she seems happy right now, telling me she’d put her I’m a Celebrity jungle nightmare firmly behind her. Have you seen Gemma’s latest collection for Very yet?

Pixie Lott


Pixie Lott really made a statement with a fairytale inspired red carpet dress. What do you think? It was different enough that she worked it but it was an unusual choice for the TV Awards.

Ant and Dec


The TV presenters made the effort with their suits as they collected Best Entertainment Presenters – for the 14th year!!!

Who do you think looked the best?

And the winners are:

Most Popular Serial Drama


Most Popular Entertainment Presenter

Ant & Dec

 Outstanding Serial Drama Performance

Danny Dyer – EastEnders

 Most Popular Talent Show

The X Factor (UK)

 Most Popular Newcomer

Maddy Hill – EastEnders

 Landmark Achievement Award

Comic Relief

 National Television Special Recognition Award

David Tennant

 Most Popular Entertainment Programme 

I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!

 Popular Factual Entertainment Programme


 Most Popular Drama 

Downton Abbey

 Outstanding Drama Performance

Sheridan Smith – Cilla

 Most Popular Daytime Programme

This Morning

 Most Popular Comedy Programme

Mrs. Brown’s Boys

 TV Judge 

David Walliams


Celebrity Juice

 Chat Show Host

Alan Carr

 Skills Challenge Show

The Great British Bake Off

Love Zoex

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22nd January 2015
Written by Zoe Griffin

Posted by: Moumita 2 April 2015

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