Celebrities Wear Little Black Date Outfits For Valentine’s Day

If there’s one thing celebrities have in common it’s making the most out of life so you won’t find any of them sitting at home feeling sorry for themselves on Valentine’s Day. Whether they’re single or in a relationship they’re going to dress up and do something special if they’ve got a day off from touring or filming.

This means it’s a great time of year to get inspiration about gorgeous party outfits. It seems like the trend this year was for black as my top 5 favourite Valentine’s looks were all dark and sophisticated. Let’s have a closer look:

(1) The Only Way Is Essex’s Jessica Wright (single)


Jessica, who’s enjoying single life after breaking up from Ricky Rayment, looks really confident and happy as a single woman, no doubt because she’s looked in the mirror and knows she looks hot! Her black bodycon dress is midi length so it’s elegant, meaning she can show off in red shoes.

(2) Pixie Lott (in a relationship, but her boyfriend was working)


Pixie’s man Oliver Cheshire had to work so she grabbed a male friend for date night. When you have a lovely mini dress like that, you don’t want to waste it do you? It’s almost identical to the AX Paris PU midi dress at Very.

(3) and (4) American stars Michelle Rodriguez (single) and Kim Kardashian West (married)


Tomboy Fast and Furious actress Michelle Rodriguez doesn’t often wear a dress but this black party dress suits her, don’t you think? Kim Kardashian West looks hot every day of the year but she kept it cool, crisp and elegant in a black maxi dress. Recently she’s worn a lot of provocative outfits but this look is much more wearable – she looks stunning in her black maxi dress.

(5) Cara Delevingne


Cara hasn’t got a man in her life as she’s way too busy working but she always looks cool. I can’t imagine her in a dress in her down time but her black faux fur coat looks smarter than she usually wears – maybe she’s making an effort for a mystery man?

Which one’s your favourite look? Remember, it doesn’t matter if you’re single or in a relationship – what’s important is looking after yourself and looking as best as you can!

Love Zoex

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16th February 2015
Written by Zoe Griffin

Posted by: Boriel 27 March 2015

Den videon var riigtkt kul att se, hade varit kul om du filmade sje4lv ne5n ge5ng och postade det he4r. Man fick en inblick och jag vet verkligen vad jag ska ke4mpa ff6r nu!

Posted by: Sergey 25 March 2015

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