The Top 5 Celebrity Outfits Of The Week

It may have been a chilly week in terms of weather but it’s been scorching hot in terms of celebrities being seen out and about in gorgeous outfits.

For once, there’s not been a specific trend that’s stood out as the stars have gone for clothes that suit their specific shape. I’ve listed my favourite top 5 from all the celebrity photos I’ve seen this week and searched for ways we can all copy.

Alesha Dixon


Alesha looks sensational in a white jumpsuit. The Definitions embellished jumpsuit is a great place to start to get this look.

Eva Longoria


It’s not Valentine’s Day yet but Eva Longoria had the right idea in advance in a red midi dress. The colour screams Look At Me, but the cut is sophisticated so it all complements each other. It’s so similar to the Michelle Keegan for Lipsy asymmetric pleated dress.

Julianne Moore


The American actress was in London for a screening of her new film Still Alice and arrived at the glam venue in a beautiful silk dress. You don’t always have to flash the flesh to ooze gorgeous. Her dress is a cross between the River Island glitter long sleeve dress and the South A-line swing tunic.

Emily Ratajowksi


Emily Ratajoski seems to be the most in-demand person for the party list for some time and even when she’s flying in and out of airposts, Emily needs know what to wear to get everyone to take notice of her. I loved the monochrome jacket she wore for a film meeting in London

Alice Eve


Star Trek actor Alice Eve, has only just got married, but it looks like something suits her as she’s radiant. A khaki coat is so on trend this season – try the River Island faux fur collar trench. The leather trousers are like the AX Paris PU leggings

What a week! Which of these inspires you must? What’s stopping you from stealing their style ideas?

Love Zoex

6th February 2015
Written by Zoe Griffin

Posted by: Yasin 26 March 2015

It is all down to what you choose to do you sohlud be free to change your hair if you want too. People sohludn’t say you can’t do this and you can’t do that whilst being natural..But isn’t that what natural is being able to switch up your styles now and again.