Black Bodycon Trends At iHeart Radio Awards

The iHeart radio awards haven’t been going for that long, certainly not as long as our BRIT Awards, but the Americans really know how to put on a ceremony. With A’listers like Madonna, Justin Timberlake, Taylor Swift and Rihanna at the 2015 event, they’re guaranteed to be a fixture of the Showbiz calendar for years to come.

One of the good things about a new awards ceremony is that cameras were everywhere so they captured a lot of nominees’ reactions. How often do you see Taylor Swift’s face looking like this:


Like the Brits, the awards are mixed up with performances and Madonna killed it as she duetted with Taylor Swift. I think Her Madgesty must have been desperate for a smooth show to take everyone’s minds of her Brits fall and she more than delivered.


Often on red carpet, you see that some stars choose stunning outfits and some stars fall short but the stylists all did well at this event. One thing that I couldn’t help noticing was that black was back. And not just any black – black bodycon! Have a look at these red carpet photos and you’ll see what I mean:

Taylor Swift


It’s not a complicated dress but that’s effective in this case as you can see that she wears the dress rather than it wearing her. She’s proud of her legs, quite rightly, so why not show them off in a mini black bodycon dress?



I’m not too sure why she arrived looking like Kermit the frog but the black mini dress she had on underneath hugged her curves just beautifully.

Fifth Harmony


The American girl band love their black outfits, don’t they? Black leather trousers and black hotpants scream that these girls would be a ball on a night out.

Meghan Trainor


The all about the bass singer looked really pretty in a black bodycon midi dress. She hasn’t been to many award ceremonies as her hit song came out of nowhere so she’s started off well. let’s hope it continues!

Iggy Azalea



Rapper Iggy Azalea would never do something so conventional like wearing a dress if she knew everyone else was doing it. But the black tuxedo jacket she wore with her printed trousers added some smartness to her look. She knows her style and she sticks to it.

Who do you think looked best?

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31st March 2015
Written by Zoe Griffin