Celebrity Style Steal: Lady Gaga’s Polka Dot Jumpsuit

Now she’s engaged, Lady Gaga has changed her style…again! Gaga has always been a fashion chameleon – one moment she’s wearing a meat dress and the next she’s wearing disco pants and 7 inch stilettos. But now she seems to have chilled out a bit. Perhaps because she is settled when it comes to her love life, she is conforming more when it comes to fashion.

The jumpsuit she wore to Paris Fashion Week, when she showed off her dark orange hair, was chic and elegant. Her hair is more demure than her electric blonde do and so is her style of dress more relaxed. It looks more comfortable to wear and a jumpsuit is great for Spring. Inspired by this, I did some research and found the Love Label polka dot jumpsuit is almost an exact match.


But no celebrity look could be complete without accessories, Look at Gaga’s nails and you’ll see they’re brilliant red, just like the Rimmel 60 seconds Rita Ora nail polish in Raw as Night. Heels make the jumpsuit hang better but you can keep the relaxed, comfortable feel to this look with some wedges like the Shoe Box Garland closed toe platform wedges, which come in a fabulous shade of blue.,

I never imagined I would want to or be able to copy Lady Gaga’s style, but this is a fresh look for Spring. What do you think?

Love Zoex

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11th March 2015
Written by Zoe Griffin