Ocean Cruise Vibes, get this effortless home look in our blog

Seaside and beach themes have been popular in interiors for decades and this style shows no signs of going away anytime soon!

There are so many variations on this style including the Super Shore Trend, so in this guide we’ll show you how to achieve this consistent style in your bathroom and bedroom for some Ocean Cruise vibes! We’ve chosen a vibrant, fun look for this bed & bathroom style by keeping the background all-white and adding key colours of red and blue to create a nautical theme.


White-washed cabinets are a great way to start, we’ve used the ‘Southwold’ range of bathroom furniture and added Navy blue and Royal red towels from ‘Christy’.


Conjure up images of sailboats and beach walks by adding some printed bedding like the ‘Padstow’ duvet set or a striped shower curtain, like this Aqualona one in ‘coastal stripes’.

Catherine Lansfield Padstow Bedding Range

Carry the theme on with wall art and prints depicting lazy, hazy days in the sun – the ‘enjoy life, make memories’ canvas is perfect!

Enjoy life make memories

Ocean Cruise

Don’t overdo the accessories; just a few key items can create this crisp, ship-shape look. Try adding mirrors with rope detailing to add character and interest like the ‘set of 3 rope handle mirrors’ shown here or mimic ocean tones of the sea with a ‘set of glass bottles’ in shimmering blues and teal greens.  A few well-placed lanterns and candles complete the look and add some ambient, tranquil lighting for when you want to relax in your sea-side haven.

If the Ocean Cruise styling appeals to you and you want some handy hints on making this look work, carry on reading for our experts top styling tips for this look.

Ocean Cruise top styling tips

  • Keep to an all – white backdrop
  • Add key colours – Reds and Blues
  • Circular mirrors imitate portholes
  • White-washed furniture creates a weathered look
  • Quirky rope detailing adds interest
  • Mimic ocean tones with blues and greens
  • Keep accessories to a minimum
  • striped storage baskets are a must-have

Are you going to give the Ocean Cruise look a try? If so Tweet us a pic @VeryNetwork so we can have a peek at what you have done.

5th March 2015
Written by Very_Lauren