Give your skin that True Glow

***Competition now closed – Thank you for entering*** With every ray of sunshine that pokes through the clouds, we can’t but think of how excited we are for summer to finally arrive! Our woolly knits have had their fair share of wear and we’re ready for our crop tops, peep-toe sandals and healthier looking, sun kissed glowing skin.

Like many, we too have somewhat neglected our skin over the cold, winter months, but now’s the perfect time to get back on track and prep our skin so it is summer ready. We all want radiant, bright skin and the key to this is removing all the dead skin cells just sitting on our skin – which are the culprits of our dull, dry, flat looking complexion – and not just on our face…but body too!

We’ve got our scrubs and loofas on standby for daily maintenance, but our latest obsession is with sonic technology cleansing system – True Glow Exfoliator brush.

9950U True Glow Sonic Facial Brush GROUP REFLECTION

This cordless brush is designed to gently exfoliate your skin, whilst removing impurities, make-up and unclogging your pores – it leaves our skin feeling very fresh and smooth indeed; like having a mini facial in 60 seconds!

With the brush oscillation at 300/second, it’s no surprise that the True Glow cleansing system is 2x as effective as any of our thorough, but manual daily cleansing routines.

To use:


  • Simply apply a cleansing cream or gel onto the skin, and using circular motions, work your way around the face using the “time beeps” as a guide.
  • There are 3 different speed settings too, so you have absolutely total control of your mini facial.
    And there is more…
  • The True Glow set comes complete with not only 2 different face brushes – a normal brush and a sensitive brush for the more delicate complexions; but there is also a body brush to help exfoliate and leave your whole body feeling regenerated and refreshed. The True Glow exfoliator is completely waterproof so you won’t even need to prolong your daily routine – just use in the shower – simple as that.
  • Use the True Glow exfoliating brush regularly and you’ll definitely start seeing a brighter, smoother complexion in as little as 2 weeks.


To help you get your skin summer ready – we’ve teamed up with BaByliss and have 2x True Glow Sonic Technology Cleansing Systems up for grabs for 2 lucky readers. To be in with a chance of winning, simply comment below and tell us what you love most about summer?

See you soon summer! Good Luck!

Love the Very Beauty Team x

19th April 2015
Written by Very_Beauty_Team

Posted by: Lesley Willison 19 April 2015

the weather, kids playing and having fun

Posted by: Mirjana 19 April 2015

The long, lingering daylight hours, cold watermelon, swimming, iced coffee, the sound of ocean waves, flip-flops 🙂

Posted by: Alexis Pettie 19 April 2015

What I love about summer is the weather, everything always seems better when the sun is out. I love going to the beach with the kids, or water fights in the garden, barbecues with friends and the sound of the bird song in the morning.