ITV’s Dinner Date: My Episode

On the TV show Dinner Date (Wednesdays, 8pm), the catchline is that ‘People find true love through their love of good food.’ Although I have a boyfriend now, I was single for a long time before that and so I jumped at the opportunity to have a film crew matchmake me. The show was filmed in July last year and it’s just been broadcast on ITV Be, but you can see it on here.

Essentially it’s three blind dates in three nights that take place in the guys homes, so all I had to do was decide on suitable outfits. I had the most fun with James (above) who made me laugh by popping a bottle of Champagne and hitting his cat with the cork. He was a bit accident prone as he also dropped our starters on the floor, but what he lacked in common sense he made up for with his sense of humour. I gave him 2 stars out of 3 and he gave me 2 and three quarters so I was happy! He also said my cream dress was pretty.

Champagne was a major theme throughout the week. I don’t actually know if I’ve drank so many bubbles in one week before, and I go to a lot of launches and celeb events so that’s saying something. Carl (below) made it a bit extra special as he added a strawberry to my drink and served up a delicious chocolate love-heart cake for dessert. I tried to make my outfit special with a black peplum dress.


Carl enjoyed playing rugby and I enjoy watching rugby players in shorts, so we had that in common. Even though he’s big, he’s in touch with his emotions and told me he cries watching movies, which was very sweet. His flat was very modern and the longer I stayed in it, the more I could see myself in it. We both gave each other 2.5 stars.

And finally, for Vikram the doctor, I put on an easy-to-wear Lipsy dress because by that stage of the week I wanted to look glamorous without it taking ages to get ready. Physically, he was just my type – tall and muscly – but I have to say the conversation wasn’t always easy. I don’t think I laughed, or smiled as much during this date and Vikram’s food was not easy to eat. Who serves chicken wings on the bone on a date when you’re guaranteed to get dirty hands? After that, he served me a seabass that still had its head on so I had to remove it myself. I was not happy!


In fact, I have to say one of the most fun parts of the week was at the start when I let the cameras into my house to talk about what kind of guy I wanted. It was all relaxed and casual and I felt comfy in a kimono. I made everyone chocolate brownies as a bribe and licking the chocolatey bowl was so good!



I don’t want to give too much away but if you catch up with the show on you’ll see who I picked to go on a date with at the end of the week. Let me know if you think I made the right choice!

Love Zoex

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7th April 2015
Written by Zoe Griffin

Posted by: Alex 23 August 2015

just saw now on ItvBe Zoe you are gorgeous!