Spring Style At Britain’s Got Talent Press Launch

The nation’s favourite TV talent show is back on our TV screens on Saturday 11 April and it’s going to be full of unusual stars. It’s the contest that has brought us Ashley and Pudsey the dog, dance crews Flawless and Diversity and Scottish singing sensation Susan Boyle but I’ve seen a preview of this year’s series and there are already some talented characters that I’ve spotted.

From the preview night, five reasons spring to mind about why this series is worth watching.

(1) Amanda Holden’s crying


When Amanda is moved, she doesn’t hold back. She had tissues on standby during the auditions – it’s a wonder her eyes aren’t always red because of how often she wipes her face. It was good to see her looking bright and happy at the preview. I think the bright bodycon dress helped with this because if you wear light colours it makes you look more fresh, even if you don’t feel it.

(2) Alesha Dixon’s laugh


This woman has one addictive laugh. Sometimes she’s laughing with a contestant and sometimes she’s laughing at them and it’s funnier when she’s laughing at them. I really want a white skirt after seeing her rock one at the press launch.

(3) Simon Cowell’s put downs.


Looking slick in aviator sunglasses, Simon Cowell tried not to look too smug and laugh at his own jokes at the launch. He failed as it was obvious to see he was proud of this year’s show. It’s good to see him on form!

(4) A singing dog

Sadly, I don’t have a photo of this and you’ll have to watch the show to see it but there is a dog that can actually sing like a human. It’s crazy!

(5) Good looking dance crews

Even more sadly, I don’t have pics of these either but you won’t be disappointed by the amount of eye candy on screen nor the way these guys can move their bodies. Last year BGT was won by the boyband Collabro, who sang classical music tracks, but I’m positive a dance crew will get into the final.

Will you be tuning in on 11 April? Who’s your favourite judge? My favourite moments are when the judges fight among themselves!

Love Zoex

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10th April 2015
Written by Zoe Griffin