Summer Travels: How To Do Malta Like A Celebrity

I love traveling to the traditional celebrity hotspots of St Tropez, Dubai and Los Angeles, but sometimes it’s good to have a bit of variety. I’ve heard a lot about Malta as there’s an MTV music festival there every summer, so I decided to visit over Easter to get a bit of preparation ahead of the festival. Nicole Scherzinger (above) was one of the star performers last year and she made the island look very appealing.

Malta is an island in the Mediterranean, off the coast of Italy. What it lacks in size (you can practically walk around the island), it makes up for in history. There are a lot of Roman ruins BC, then the apostle Paul was shipwrecked on the island and brought Christianity to Malta in 60 AD. Napoloeon invaded, the Brits took over and then it was invaded during World War II. So if you’re looking for a destination that covers both sun and sightseeing then Malta ticks all the boxes.


I never knew the island was so glamorous! There were yachts moored in the harbour, as big and showy as you’d find at the Cannes film festival. The major difference was that in Cannes the background is all blue sea, which is pretty boring compared to Malta when the vista is historical fortresses and a stunning cathedral containing works of art by Caravaggio and other 17th century artists. You have to cover up in the cathedral, so I suggest packing a knee length day dress if you fancy a visit to Malta. You cannot leave this place without giving the cathedral a visit.


It’s also vital to pack a selection of bikinis. You know how the celebrities like privacy and yachts? Well, the two can combine in Malta and you don’t have to own a yacht to do it as there are several companies that offer boat trips to the island of Gozo. The sea is not like any other coloured sea you’ve ever swam in, mainly because of the lack of sand. Because the bottom is all rocky, the visibility is brilliant as there’s no sand getting in the way. There’s an abundance of brightly coloured fish and turtles at some times of the year, although it’s not the warmest water so it’s good to have a long sleeve kimono to throw on when you’re back on board.


Nightlife in Malta is classy and it’s easy to find good quality restaurants at affordable prices. Avoid St Julian’s Bay, where the main resorts are, unless you like English dishes like fish and chips. A short taxi journey for 20 Euros will take you to the capital Valletta, where the locals go to eat fresh fish and homemade breads. Maltese red wine is surprisingly good! Jeans and heels or a maxi dress are more appropriate than a bodycon dress here, I’d say.


The Maltese are not big on steaks or red meat dishes as there’s not a lot of cattle on the island so their main meat is rabbit, which is on every menu, although I wasn’t brave enough to eat it. One of my favourite restaurants was Rampilla, which I heard Nicole Scherzinger visited when she performed at the festival in 2014. You eat underground in a tunnel that goes under the walls of the fortress – it’s quite romantic if you’re in a pair and great for atmospheric conversations if you’re in a group.


No celebrity could survive without Champagne so I’d also recommend the Pearl Champagne Lounge at the Corinthia Hotel, St Georges Bay. It’s a gorgeous hotel, inside and out, and an ideal spot to pose for some Instagram photos to make people at home very jealous (like I did!)

zoe-corinthaThe Civil Building in Valletta town centre has billiards and American pool, which you can play sipping an affordable cocktail. If it’s spas you want to get skin as soft as the VIP performers then the Apollo Day Spa in St George’s Bay had a chocolate body wrap. I tried this and I literally wanted to eat myself afterwards!

Have you ever been to Malta before? I’d really recommend it. This year’s MTV festival is on 7 July 2015. Three hours by plane from London and you feel like your in a completely different world!

Love Zoex

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12th April 2015
Written by Zoe Griffin