Best Met Ball Fashion 2015

The Met Ball gala is one of the biggest events in the fashion and celebrity calendar, even more glamorous than the Oscars! This is because you get A’list stars of films mixing with musicians and models and fashion designers and everyone is on a mission to show off. Being modest will not cut it!

Last year, it was partly overshadowed by ‘the elevator incident’ as it was where Solange Knowles was caught on camera attacking her sister’s husband, Jay-Z. So this year, Solange arrived with a spectacularly outrageous silver dress, determined to show that she was not going to hide for what she did. One year, Kim Kardashian West was mocked for the floral gloves she wore with a floral dress while pregnant and so this year, she decided to silence critics with a gorgeous sparkling dress embellished in lace and diamonds. It was actually very similar to Beyonce’s dress, which makes me wonder if the two planned it – their husbands Kanye and Jay-Z are best friends. But something makes me suspect that they didn’t plan it with Jennifer Lopez, who also looked pretty similar in a glittering embellished dress.

My only question is: what was Rihanna thinking? And exactly how long was her train? Still, she’s brave for trying, Here’s what it looked like in pictures:



There are yellow dresses and there are YELLOW dresses and this one is worthy of a lot of exclamations. It divides opinions.



Beyonce’s nude dress really showed off her curves, It looks like Jay-Z is on ‘dress watch’

Kim Kardshian West


Kim Kardashian doesn’t just do maxi dresses, she does a maxi maxi dress that is so long it dragged after her. The white colour is a but ‘wedding’ though.

Jennifer Lopez


I love how JLo showed off her fabulous derriere in this red dress. Is her bottom better than Kim’s?

Rosie Huntington Whiteley


Rosie Huntington Whiteley looked glam in a gold maxi dress. Normally this would be spectacular but it looks average when next to Kim, Beyonce and Jlo.

Solange Knowles


You can’t fault Solange’s bravery. There’s no chance of anyone wearing a similar dress to this!

Kate Hudson


Gold was a key theme as Kate Hudson showed with a glittery gold maxi dress.

Anne Hathaway


The Devil Wears Prada star kept things simple in a shiny gold maxi dress – it was refreshing compared to some of the other stars and their dresses with long trains.

Tom Ford, Rita Ora and Madonna


Rita Ora and Madonna went for shiny satin. They almost look like they are wearing too many clothes?

Stella McCartney and Cara Delevingne


Not one to confirm, Cara chose a black jumpsuit and rocked it!

Carey Mulligan


Carey Mulligan looked effortlessly chic in a black maxi dress – top marks to her for having the confidence to go for something so classic. I like it!

Sarah Jessica Parker


It was all about the accessories for the Sex and The City star. Check out that hat!

Lady Gaga


Lady Gaga went in her own fashion direction with a kimono style dress. I wonder if she’s pregnant as that’s a lot of clothes for her…

Jennifer Lawrence


Jennifer Lawrence looks more like she’s off to a film premiere than a fashion gala in her floral embellised dress. I wonder if she wishes that she had gone for something a bit more daring?

Amal and George Clooney


Amal Clooney somehow manages to pull off looking like a flamenco dancer! It’s a mad dress, but her face looks cool, calm and confident – she works it.

Robert Pattinson and FKA Twigs


FKA Twigs is fast turning into one of my fashion favourites. Who else could wear a dress that looks like a painting? On her left leg, there’s the drawing’s feet! I love the colours.

Miley Cyrus and Zoe Kravitz


BFFs Miley Cyrus and Zoe Kravitz co-ordinated their metallic outfits. They’re daring but they’re nowhere near as daring as what Miley’s worn in the past. I think she looks quite grown up and I hope this sets the tone for more of her fashion choices in future.

Anyway, I told you it was A’list! What was your favourite outfit?

Love Zoex

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5th May 2015
Written by Zoe Griffin

Posted by: uknown 9 May 2015

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