Cut the cord with the Dyson V6!

If you’re frustrated with your bulky and dull vacuum cleaner losing suction over time, the new stylish Dyson V6 cordless range is sure to solve all of your problems!

Now the combination of cobalt blue, magenta pink and nickel grey may not sound appealing, but the mix of bold colours works well on the V6 – giving it a stylish and contemporary look – it’s by far the best looking vacuum around. Not only is it the best looking, it’s also among the most powerful! Spinning at up to 110,000 times a minute, the immensely powerful V6 motor will significantly reduce your cleaning time!


Here at Very HQ, our favourite has to be the ultra-powerful V6 Absolute. Although the essential components of the vacuum are the same as those in the rest of the range, the Absolute brings with it that extra bit of ‘oomph’! Equipped with TWO Dyson-engineered cleaner heads, not only does it offer 150% more power, it comes with an impressive range of smart attachments which are guaranteed to keep your home gleaming!

Plus, with 20 minutes of battery-life – you can easily give the house a clean before the girls come around for a catch up…just be careful that your friends don’t try and take the V6 home with them as this vac is one of the best pieces of tech on the market!

22nd May 2015
Written by Very_Lauren